The 7 Key Ruby concepts you should know if you want to learn this programming language

Do you want to know the key aspects of one of the most in-demand programming languages in 2023? Ruby is a dynamic and open-source programming language that has gained popularity in recent years. Its elegant syntax and focus on simplicity and productivity make it an attractive choice for developers worldwide.


Lowering your guard in cybersecurity is one of the mistakes that an average user should never make. News about the emergence of new ways to infect computers are frequent, and when facing threats like QBot, it is crucial to be cautious.

The Samsung QN800C is a 65-inch television with Mini-LED technology and 8K resolution

The Samsung QN800C 65-inch television is one of the finest examples of the level of technology that Samsung has achieved. It is a top-of-the-line TV with NEO QLED 8K resolution and a Neural Quantum 8K processor capable of upscaling any image using artificial intelligence.

The upcoming revolution in mobile phones is official: ARM announces the most powerful chips in history

All modern smartphones sold have one thing in common: they are based on the ARM architecture created by the British company ARM. While there are several manufacturers like Qualcomm and MediaTek, they all actually license the same designs, which they then adapt to their processors and chips to get the most out of them.

The latest feature from WhatsApp is perfect for helping your parents set up their mobile phones

WhatsApp is the default communication tool, whether it's for texting, sending photos, videos, or voice notes. It has become the app that everyone must have, and it's no wonder that it was the reason many people switched from a regular phone to a smartphone.

The competition is over: we analyze the Motorola MA 1 with wireless Android Auto

Recently, we told you that Android Auto is a huge success, with many car manufacturers using it because it's in demand among car buyers. What we didn't mention in that article is that the vast majority of brands use Android Auto with a wired connection, making the user experience less convenient than desired.

How to tell if a TV or Android adapter is fake: Google responds to Android TVs with viruses and malware

Last week, the Android sector found itself immersed in a major controversy after a study was published revealing the presence of malware in Android TVs and TV Boxes sold in Spain. These devices were running programs automatically without user consent or control.

Automate : One of the best Android apps, it’s free and allows you to do everything

Android has evolved considerably, and there are increasingly more features like Do Not Disturb mode or battery saving that can be automated. However, if you want to take this to the next level, Automate is an app that may interest you.

Big news at MediaMarkt: the most sought-after Samsung foldable phone now discounted without VAT and comes with a free watch

One of the most common promotions found in stores is the "Day without VAT," a discount that eliminates the usual consumer taxes. And when we combine this promotion with others already in progress, such as free accessories, the result can be hard to resist, as is the case with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 at MediaMarkt.

China demands that Japan lift sanctions on its chip industry. The issue is the surveillance by the United States

The best integrated circuit manufacturing equipment is in the hands of two nations: the Netherlands and Japan. The Dutch company ASML is currently the only one capable of producing extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography machines that are being used by TSMC, Intel, and Samsung in their most advanced nodes.

We tested Xiaomi’s new robot vacuum cleaner that also mops, so you can retire your old Roomba

Xiaomi products can boast of many things: high reliability, good features, an excellent (and already known) value for money, careful design, and integration with smart home functions. This expanding family is gaining a stronger presence in Spain with an increasingly diverse range of devices, especially in home automation.

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has been hit with the largest fine in history for privacy violations

This is not the first time that Meta, the conglomerate that encompasses Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others, has faced scrutiny regarding the privacy of our data. However, it has just received the largest privacy-related fine in history.

My phone charger gets too hot: main issues and how to keep your charger temperature under control

The generation of heat is a normal but unwanted side effect of charging your phone, up to a certain point. However, if your phone charger becomes excessively hot during operation, it's important to take measures as overheating can be dangerous.

Reasons why you should NEVER use cologne to clean your game controller

I'm sure you've considered the macabre idea of using cologne to clean your game controllers or peripherals because you believe it contains alcohol and it's said to be good for disinfection. Not to mention the pleasant scent it leaves behind.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 and 4 Lite: the ultimate budget scooters get a major upgrade

Xiaomi has just refreshed a small portion of its ecosystem products. In addition to announcing new robot vacuum cleaners, there are also updates within the electric scooter family.

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