Compressing Video

There are some videos and movies of a large size that need to be compressed to decrease their size in order to save some space on your hard disk. There are also a lot of users wanting to compress movies to play them on mobile phones. QQ Player helps you compress video files and keep their quality. It provides an effective tool for compressing videos. You can import video files from your computer and reduce their size with the option to save them again in different formats; such as MP4, MPG, 3GP, FLV and WMV. QQ Player supports all video formats with no exception. There are some uncompressible video files as they are originally compressed and don’t need to be compressed again.Compressing-video

The QQ Player tool for compressing videos is an independent tool from the main program. It has a simple and easy user interface through which you can add video files and customize settings suitable for you to compress videos; such as choosing video format, defining video and audio encryption and defining video dimensions and sizes or you can define default settings for compressing video. After finishing customizing settings, you can press the ‘start’ button and the program begins compressing video and saving it on your computer.

The QQ Player video compressor displays all compressing process details so you can see the compressing ratio being done. You can also see compressing process progress ratio and the time remaining for the process.

You can now keep more free space on your hard disk or free space up on a memory card by compressing all your video files using the QQ Player video compressing program. This program is light on your system and doesn’t consume your processors resources, as well as keeping the videos original quality.