The 7 best apps to organize your time in 2023

Just like you, many people are searching for ways to make the most of their hours every day. That's why today we'll tell you about the 7 best apps to help you organize your time in 2023.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE vs S23 Plus, differences, comparison, and which is better

The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE has just been presented by the South Korean company. Even though it hasn't arrived in Spain yet, one of its main competitors is within the brand's own catalog; we're talking about the Samsung S23 Plus. Which one is better between the two?


Have you ever had that strange urge to talk to people from other countries? Well, don't worry; you're not alone. That's why today we'll tell you about the 7 best apps for meeting foreigners.


One of the most stressful and frustrating moments for Android users is when a mobile device fails to boot up completely. Is your Samsung phone stuck on "Starting phone"? Today, we will explain how to solve this problem.

Samsung One UI 5.1, list of compatible mobiles to receive the update

One thing that motivates Android users is the constant updates prepared by each manufacturer to keep their customers satisfied. Therefore, today we bring you the list of compatible mobiles that will be updated to Samsung One UI 5.1.

How to share internet and data from Samsung Galaxy A54

Do you want to share internet and data from your Samsung Galaxy A54? While it may seem like a complicated process, it's actually quite simple and can be done with just a few steps.

We tried the Razer Edge: the portable console for playing almost anything on an incredible screen

Portable consoles are a supercharged version of what they were a few years ago. There are several types of them, each with its possibilities, and while some run games natively, there are models like the Razer Edge that are ready for cloud gaming.

We tested Google’s Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2: their smartphones and watch to go head-to-head with Apple and Samsung

Google is launching its new high-end devices, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones, and the Pixel Watch 2, in Spain on October 12th. The company has a clear ambition: to establish the Pixel brand's recognition among Spanish users while raising the bar in terms of capabilities, user experience, and differentiation.

We tested the Xiaomi Smart Band 8: the smart wristband where you’ll hit the mark spending less than 40 euros

A few months ago, Xiaomi unveiled its new smart wristband, the Xiaomi Smart Band 8, in China. This model marked the entry into the company's wearables catalog, and in the September event held in Berlin.

The simple action to activate the secret menu on Xiaomi smartphones

Mobile phones have always been technologically complex tools, but in the world of smartphones, this complexity reaches a new level. However, even without straying from a smartphone's basic function, which is making calls and connecting to networks, there are hidden features.

How to prevent your Samsung from closing important apps

Smartphones have become the gateway to many other devices. It's not uncommon to use them to enter a smart lock-equipped home, as a key for some car models, or to keep them connected to devices like smartwatches or fitness trackers.

How to take care of your Samsung phone’s battery without installing any apps

Samsung is one of the top-selling mobile phone brands, along with Xiaomi. This means there are many users who use their mobile phones and charge them daily. This routine can be optimized by some practices allowed by the software on these phones.

Google’s Camera undergoes a permanent change: new name, features, and more exclusivity

Photography has become the distinguishing feature of Pixel smartphones, setting them apart from other high-end mobile devices available. What's intriguing is that Google has achieved this without opting for large and expensive sensors, relying entirely on algorithms.

The Xiaomi 14 Pro Leaks: Featuring Qualcomm’s Best Processor and a Great Camera

The Xiaomi 14 Pro will be one of the upcoming flagship models from the brand, which has been striving for years to match its top-tier devices with the best high-end offerings on the market. Xiaomi also leaves room for more budget-friendly smartphones, such as the Xiaomi 13T Pro.

Xiaomi 13T vs Samsung Galaxy A54, comparison, differences, and which is better

Xiaomi has finally unveiled its 13T series as a response to Samsung in the mid-range segment. This new offering from Xiaomi strengthens almost all the areas that needed improvement compared to the previous generation, the Xiaomi 12T.

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