Artificial Intelligence

Your computer now has AI like ChatGPT: Here’s the new Windows 11

Earlier this year, it seemed like Microsoft had hit the jackpot. Thanks to its investment in OpenAI, it was one of the first to harness ChatGPT technology in its products, giving rise to Bing Chat, which helped many people use the Bing search engine for the first time.

Twitter (X) will use your content to train artificial intelligence models, whether you like it or not

X, the social network formerly known as Twitter, has updated its privacy policy to enable the use of content posted by its users to train its artificial intelligence models. "We can use the information we collect and publicly available information.

Chatgpt ends its tool for detecting whether a text is written by AI for this reason

One of the main concerns surrounding artificial intelligence is the difficulty in distinguishing between text written or generated by a human and that produced by AI. Companies like OpenAI have attempted to address this issue, but with limited success.

What is the real ChatGPT app for Android and iOS?

After the rise of artificial intelligence in the last year, many unofficial applications have emerged and are available to everyone. For this reason, today we will tell you what the real ChatGPT app is for Android and iOS. So if you wanted to have the authentic version of this powerful AI on your mobile, then you've come to the right place.

Meta has launched an artificial intelligence that can create images using “common sense”

Meta unveiled on Tuesday an AI with the ability to complete images using "common sense." The company explained that its model doesn't compare pixels like other available tools, but instead can understand abstract representations based on "prior knowledge about the world." In this way.

Mark Zuckerberg intends to create an artificial intelligence chatbot that will help you make friends

There is a lot of Facebook's essence in Mark Zuckerberg's plans with AI. The CEO of Meta revealed that they plan to develop a virtual assistant focused on improving your social life. "We will primarily focus on tools that help people connect," he said in Led Frixman's podcast.

Europe halts the launch of Bard, Google’s AI chatbot, due to privacy concerns

Bad news for Google. The Mountain View giant has been forced to delay the launch of Bard in Europe, according to Politico. The reason? The regulator in Ireland has expressed concerns about the privacy of the chatbot, as the company has not provided sufficient guarantees that its AI-powered tool will protect the data of European Union users.

A startup with just 4 weeks of existence raises $100 million to compete with OpenAI

Mistral AI, a startup based in Paris and created just four weeks ago, has just received one of the largest initial funding rounds in Europe to date. The company, specialized in the development of artificial intelligence models, and founded by three AI researchers who previously worked at Google and Meta.

Mercedes-Benz integrates ChatGPT into the voice assistant of its vehicles

Mercedes-Benz has hopped on the generative AI train with an unexpected move: directly integrating OpenAI's conversational model, ChatGPT, into their MBUX infotainment system.

Google recommends its employees not to use their own chatbot, Bard

Google continues to refine the responses of its chatbot, Bard. However, while it may respond well, it is not recommended from a security standpoint. In fact, the company advises its employees to exercise caution when using such language models.

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