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Why your Smart TV is not connecting to the internet and how to fix it

Current televisions are mostly Smart TVs, which allows us to connect to the internet. However, they don't always work as they should or as we expect them to. You may have experienced issues like not being able to connect your Smart TV to the internet, streaming shows buffering or stopping, encountering errors when opening the app drawer, and so on.

This is TCL C745: A QLED TV For those who enjoy advanced gaming

TCL's television family expands in 2023 with new and more advanced offerings. This is the case with the TCL C745 series, which incorporates the top features of Mini LED and QLED technologies found in the flagship C845 models, while targeting the gaming market with more affordable prices.

The Samsung QN800C is a 65-inch television with Mini-LED technology and 8K resolution

The Samsung QN800C 65-inch television is one of the finest examples of the level of technology that Samsung has achieved. It is a top-of-the-line TV with NEO QLED 8K resolution and a Neural Quantum 8K processor capable of upscaling any image using artificial intelligence.

How to tell if a TV or Android adapter is fake: Google responds to Android TVs with viruses and malware

Last week, the Android sector found itself immersed in a major controversy after a study was published revealing the presence of malware in Android TVs and TV Boxes sold in Spain. These devices were running programs automatically without user consent or control.

LG and Samsung have reached an unexpected agreement that will shake the foundations of the television market

Currently, only LG and Samsung are capable of manufacturing large-format OLED panels used in televisions found in stores. There is a possibility that the Chinese giant BOE may enter this market before 2023 expires, but for now, the organic matrix industry for televisions is dominated solely by the two major South Korean technology companies.

MediaMarkt offers you this LG Smart TV with 65 inches and 4K for less than 600 euros

Not every day can you get an LG Smart TV with 65 inches for less than 600 euros. However, if you pay attention to deals, you may be lucky enough to find such bargains. Most importantly, this model can cover everything you're looking for, from a high 4K resolution to the latest apps for streaming content.

Xiaomi has made this Smart TV smaller because it didn’t fit in the elevators: everything about the Redmi Max 90

Redmi surprised last year by launching a 100-inch Smart TV, the Redmi Max 100, and the company has just released its successor, the Redmi Max 90, a TV aimed at all users looking for the largest possible size.

Free movies and TV channels, this is how Amazon could completely destroy Netflix

While Netflix loses millions of users, the rest of the streaming services are preparing to take advantage of the situation. With controversial changes to shared accounts and cancellations of series, Netflix is not having the best moment, and on top of that, it is the most expensive service.