Playing 3D movies

The QQ Player program helps you to play 3D movies and convert the normal 2D movies to 3D movies in one click. 3D movies are a new technology that began to prevail with the spread of television screens and computers supporting the operation of this stunning technology. To convert normal movies to 3D movies and watch them, there should be a few things you take into consideration. You should have a 3D supporting screen and 3D glasses. You should also use the QQ Player program to convert 2D movies to 3D movies.

The process of converting normal movies to 3D movies is a very easy process. Once you play the movie you can select playing mode to be 3D then the settings window for playing 3D movies will appear. You can define the type of style conversion, it is better to select ‘2D to 3D’ then you can select display mode. There are two displays; one is display via purple and green colors overlap or display via green and red colors overlap. Through settings you can also customize the color overlap view with the + and – symbol. You can also set subtitles. After you finish customizing the settings in a way that works for you, click ‘OK’ to start watching movies in 3D. If you watch the movie without glasses, you will notice the image is overlapped by colors and unclear. So, you should watch 3D movies using 3D glasses.