Transferring Video Files to iPad & iPhone

If you have an IPad or IPhone and you want to transfer videos and movies in an easy and fast way, you can use QQ Player to transfer videos, movies and subtitles onto your IPad & IPhone device by using WIFI technology without the need to connect your IPad and IPhone to your computer using cables. QQ Player provides you with a quick and time saving solution for transferring your favorite movies with subtitle files and saving them on your IPad & IPhone.Transferring-video-files-to-I-pad-I-phone

The program runs very easily, which is why you should have an IPad or IPhone device with the QQ Player HD installed. You can download this application from the Apple store, it is available free and you can then use a laptop or desktop PC supporting a WIFI connection. After running the QQ Player program you can access video tools by pressing the “key” icon on the program interface. You will find a set of tools, you can choose the “transfer” tool. Once you click the icon, the program starts contacting your IPad or IPhone device using WIFI technology. After the connection process is successful, you can transfer video files from your computer to your IPad or IPhone very quickly.

Video and movie transferring technology for IPad & IPhone devices using WIFI is a new technology unique to the QQ Player, targeting the largest number of users. Transferring videos, movies and subtitles also works with other Apple devices that work with the same operating system. You can transfer your favorite movies to your smart mobile IPhone using a WIFI connection. If the program fails to contact your I Phone, you should make sure that you have installed QQ Player HD on your I Phone. After contact failure, the program will give you a link to download QQ Player HD to use it on your IPad or IPhone device.