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We tried the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5: increasing the external screen is the masterstroke this phone needed

Changes in consumer electronics don't happen instantaneously but rather progressively. In Spain, WhatsApp didn't become the go-to communication app overnight; it took several years for everyone to start using it.

We Tested the Motorola G84 5G: An Ambitious Mid-Range Smartphone for Under 300 Euros

Motorola is covering various segments in the mobile marke, continuously expanding its catalog. However, its primary focus seems to be on foldable devices, with two new entries designed to capitalize on the shortcomings of their respective competitors.

Redmi Note 13 is official: Budget mid-range smartphones are now premium, with curved displays

For most smartphone buyers, the most interesting model isn't the cheapest or the most expensive; it's usually somewhere in between, and Redmi Note phones have filled that need very well with their devices. Now, the Redmi Note 13 Pro series is here.

Google Copies One of the Best iPhone Features in Android 14: Turns Your Phone into a Webcam

The competition between Google and Apple remains as fierce as ever. Both companies embrace relatively different philosophies, but neither hesitates to borrow from the other. Apple has copied Google on numerous occasions, and vice versa.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE is official: the more affordable S23 will compete with the Google Pixel 8

All the details of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE's design have already been revealed through a video leak earlier this month. This phone boasts premium features from the Galaxy S23 series while aiming for a lower price point.

Leak Madness: The Pixel 8a Appears Before the Pixel 8 Is Even Presented

In just a few weeks, the Pixel 8 is set to be unveiled, but the truth is, we already know practically everything there is to know about Google's new phone. Whether you love them or hate them, leaks are part of the information cycle in the tech industry.

Android 14 Brings Back Widgets on the Lock Screen: Google Follows Apple for a Grand Comeback

Android 14 has been delayed and is expected to be launched at Google's new product presentation event. An update that will reintroduce widgets on the lock screen among some other new features.

These Are the New Colors of the Pixel 8, and Some of Them Are Quite Striking and Beautiful

Google's problems with leaks are more than evident. All major tech companies suffer from them, of course, but at Google, they seem more severe; for example, just this week, the Pixel 8a was leaked even before the official presentation of the Pixel 8.

Honor Magic V2, The revolution arrives to foldable phones

HONOR Magic V2 lives up to its name. There's true magic in this phone, especially in the spectacular work that HONOR has done to make its foldable phone less than a centimeter thick. That's three millimeters thinner than a heavyweight on the market like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5.

All Samsung Galaxy M13 problems and their solution

While no one can deny that Samsung phones offer exceptional quality, they can sometimes encounter certain annoying issues. For this reason, today we will tell you about all the problems of the Samsung Galaxy M13 and their solutions.

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