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Samsung S24 vs iPhone 14, difference, comparison, which is better

With the arrival of the Samsung S24, a valid question arises: is it better than the iPhone 14, or does it fall short in terms of features? To determine which of the two is more advanced and worth considering in 2024, we will analyze their differences in this Samsung S24 vs iPhone 14 comparison.

Samsung S24 Ultra vs S22 Ultra, differences, comparison, which one is better

Samsung has just refreshed its top-of-the-line mobile series with the new S24. Of course, the most advanced phone in this family is the Samsung S24 Ultra, one that comes with several important innovations, both in terms of design and features, as well as Artificial Intelligence.

Redmi Note 13 vs Galaxy A54: differences, comparison, and which one is better

The Redmi Note 13 4G was recently introduced as the new king for the mid-range price-quality ratio of 2024. However, there are doubts about whether it is truly the best phone in this segment since there is also the Samsung Galaxy A54, one that we have compared on different occasions and has been competing for this title for almost a year.

I have tested Xiaomi’s new beast: a phone under 500 euros so you can say goodbye to flagships

The season of presentations for major mobile manufacturers is kicking off. While we await the most premium phones of 2024, brands like Xiaomi are already refreshing their most popular lines, the mid-range. Last week, a new POCO family was introduced, and today.

How to lock my Xiaomi so it doesn’t turn off in 2024

While you may have configured an option to locate your Xiaomi phone in case of theft, this dynamic won't be of much use if the thief turns off the device. However, this problem may have a simple solution.

This is the Foldable Phone that brings the price below 300 euros

Foldable phones have ceased to be exclusive territory for Samsung and its Galaxy Z Flip. Little by little, more manufacturers have joined a segment that, despite everything, has not quite caught on with the average user, mainly due to their high prices.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE vs S24, differences, comparison, which is better

A few months ago, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S23 FE, a trimmed-down version of the S23 that hit the market in the early part of the previous year. This phone was presented as a high-end value-for-money option, without compromising on some of the best features and technical specifications in the market.

I’ve tested the Galaxy S23 FE: Samsung’s phone that proves high-end can also be affordable

Samsung, as usual every year, hasn't waited long to unveil the new Samsung Galaxy S24, which comes with a significant dose of artificial intelligence to win over users with features that can be very useful. However, not all users are looking for a phone that approaches or even surpasses the thousand euros barrier.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra vs S23 Ultra: differences, comparison, which is better

Samsung's highest range has a new member, the Galaxy S24 Ultra. It arrived as Samsung's most advanced mobile for 2024, alongside the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus, its two younger siblings. As expected, it features some of the top features and technical specifications of the moment.

Xiaomi 14 Price Leaked: Here’s How It Stacks Up Against the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Google Pixel 8

Since Xiaomi unveiled the 14th generation of its flagship phone last October in China, the market has seen significant changes, with the releases of rivals like the Samsung Galaxy S24 or the OnePlus 12. The usual delay between the launch in China and the launch in Europe has played a trick on Xiaomi this time.

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