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Is the Samsung Galaxy A03 and A03s good for playing Free Fire?

Playing Free Fire in 2023 can be a bad idea if you don't have a mobile phone that can run it smoothly, as the game will perform poorly and experience significant lag. To avoid this, your phone needs to come with a decent processor, or at least one that is powerful enough to run the game without many issues.

Motorola Razr 40 and 40 Ultra: Motorola’s new foldable phones are all about the screen

Although there was little room for surprise after so many leaks, today we have finally learned about the new foldable phones from Motorola, and it has been confirmed what we had been anticipating: the American brand has made a real statement in the foldable market.

This 5G smartphone with 8 GB of RAM from Samsung has a beastly price on Amazon

Within the Amazon store, you may be lucky enough to find your next smartphone. Especially since Samsung Days are happening on their website until June 4th, and among all their offers, we have come across this 5G mobile with four cameras, 8 GB of RAM, and much more to offer.

The upcoming revolution in mobile phones is official: ARM announces the most powerful chips in history

All modern smartphones sold have one thing in common: they are based on the ARM architecture created by the British company ARM. While there are several manufacturers like Qualcomm and MediaTek, they all actually license the same designs, which they then adapt to their processors and chips to get the most out of them.

The latest feature from WhatsApp is perfect for helping your parents set up their mobile phones

WhatsApp is the default communication tool, whether it's for texting, sending photos, videos, or voice notes. It has become the app that everyone must have, and it's no wonder that it was the reason many people switched from a regular phone to a smartphone.

The competition is over: we analyze the Motorola MA 1 with wireless Android Auto

Recently, we told you that Android Auto is a huge success, with many car manufacturers using it because it's in demand among car buyers. What we didn't mention in that article is that the vast majority of brands use Android Auto with a wired connection, making the user experience less convenient than desired.

Automate : One of the best Android apps, it’s free and allows you to do everything

Android has evolved considerably, and there are increasingly more features like Do Not Disturb mode or battery saving that can be automated. However, if you want to take this to the next level, Automate is an app that may interest you.

Big news at MediaMarkt: the most sought-after Samsung foldable phone now discounted without VAT and comes with a free watch

One of the most common promotions found in stores is the "Day without VAT," a discount that eliminates the usual consumer taxes. And when we combine this promotion with others already in progress, such as free accessories, the result can be hard to resist, as is the case with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 at MediaMarkt.

My phone charger gets too hot: main issues and how to keep your charger temperature under control

The generation of heat is a normal but unwanted side effect of charging your phone, up to a certain point. However, if your phone charger becomes excessively hot during operation, it's important to take measures as overheating can be dangerous.

We now know what the great alternative to the iPad with Android will be, the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

The tablet market is heating up. Until recently, we had two options, and most people simply chose an Apple iPad. But in recent years, interesting Android alternatives have been emerging, such as the OnePlus Pad or the Pixel Tablet.

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