24 Free Games to download on PC and Consoles that you can’t miss in 2024

Gaming | March 3, 2024

24 Free Games to download on PC and Consoles that you can’t miss in 2024

Are you a passionate gamer but don’t want to empty your wallet? You’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of 24 completely free games that you can enjoy on your PC, console, and mobile in 2024. From exciting shooters to life simulators, there’s something for every type of player. So, without further ado, here we go!


How to download Destiny 2 for free

We start with Destiny 2, a game developed by the same creators of the Halo series. In Destiny 2, you become a guardian defending the last city of humanity against hordes of monsters. This exciting MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) offers a deep experience with different types of guardians and a wide variety of weapons and gear. The best part is that you can play alone or team up with friends from around the world to experience the action together through various missions.

How to download War Thunder for free

If you enjoy military battles and wars, War Thunder is for you. This MMO allows you to pilot over 2,000 planes, tanks, and warships, from the early 20th century to modern machines. Matches can have up to 32 players, where you’ll have to battle on land, sea, and in the air against other players on various maps. The game is constantly updated with new maps and vehicles and is available on all platforms.

How to download Counter-Strike: global offensive for free

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a revision of a title that defined a whole generation of shooters 20 years ago. However, now it offers more maps, weapons, and game modes than ever, remaining a benchmark in online shooters, even with worldwide competitions. Download it for free on PC and get ready to compete in thrilling matches against friends and players from around the world.

How to download Team Fortress 2 for free

This team-based shooter offers nine character classes, each with their own unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, adding depth and fun mechanics to the game. Since its release in 2007, it has received numerous updates, expanding its story and customization options. So, even though it’s a classic game, it remains one of the most popular choices for online play with friends or against players worldwide. Play for free on all platforms and enjoy team fun.

How to download Aim Lab for free

If you want to improve your accuracy and shooting skills in shooter games, Aim Lab is the perfect tool. Packed with mini-games and tests, it evaluates your aiming and targeting abilities. Moreover, you can load settings from popular games like Call of Duty or PUBG to train in familiar environments. Ideal for those who want to compete.


How to download the Sims 4 for free

Would you like to create your own family and embark on adventures in a virtual world? The Sims 4 allows you to do just that without spending a dime on the base game. While expansions are available for purchase, you can enjoy the basic experience of building houses, developing skills, and watching your characters’ lives evolve without spending a single simoleon.

How to download Fallout Shelter for free

In Fallout Shelter, you find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world where you must build and protect an underground bunker to survive. Despite its simple graphics, the game offers hours of fun as you defend your community from external threats and make challenging decisions.

How to download Risk: global domination for free

If you enjoyed the tabletop game Risk, now you can experience it on your mobile device or computer for free. Create your army, roll the dice, and try to conquer as much territory as possible. You can play against the computer or other players to make the game more exciting. Yes, there is advertising and in-app purchases to acquire more maps, but you’re guaranteed hours of fun without spending a penny.

How to download Scribble It! For free

Though some of you might have tried it during the pandemic, Scribble It! is still a hit for virtual gatherings with friends. It’s like Pictionary, where you draw and guess drawings. You can play with up to 16 friends, in three different game modes, and use a variety of brushes and tools to make drawing more challenging. Some features are available for purchase.

How to download VPet for free

What if I told you that you could have a virtual pet similar to a Tamagotchi roaming around your computer screen? The game VPet places a little character that occasionally moves across your desktop, interacting with your windows and programs. You can drag it, play with it, or simply enjoy its company as it strolls across the screen. It also grows, dances to music, and reacts when you click on its head.


How to download Brawlhalla for free

Brawlhalla is an exciting 2D fighting game with up to eight characters on the same stage. The most exciting part is that the maps are relatively small, with platforms and plenty of room to fall. Moreover, the game has evolved and now includes characters from various famous franchises like Halo, Assassin’s Creed, and Tekken. Available on all platforms, it’s a fighting experience you won’t want to miss.

How to download Divine Knockout for free

With a similar concept to Brawlhalla, Divine Knockout offers a more sophisticated game. The characters and settings are in 3D. However, you’ll still have to beat enemies and knock them off platforms and maps. In this case, you take on the roles of caricatured gods and mythological characters. It’s a multiplayer game with different modes and varying numbers of opponents. It’s also cross-platform, so you can continue your game from any device without missing a beat, switching between PC and console.

How to download action Taimanin for free

Action Taimanin is a hack and slash or fast-paced fighting game where you traverse streets with katanas and swords. Don’t expect equality in this game; it has a fair amount of sexism. You can customize the main characters with very little clothing, which offers different attributes. The goal is to fight demons that are ravaging Tokyo. While you might stay for the sexism and breast physics, it’s still a highly entertaining game with one-on-one combat modes for further practicing your moves.

How to download Omega Strikers for free

Omega Strikers combines sports and action in three-on-three matches where you must score goals in the opposing goal. You won’t be brawling with other players, but you’ll use the ball as a throwable weapon, loading it with all kinds of powers and extras. If you enjoy team competition, this game offers exciting matches at no cost.


How to download Rocket League for free

A classic among online car games that became free in 2020. Well, it’s about cars playing soccer. You’ll have to drive all kinds of vehicles to try and get the ball into the opposing goal. It might seem crazy, and it is, but it’s also a lot of fun, especially since you’ll be playing against people from all over the world. There are different modes and challenges to keep matches from becoming boring. Additionally, the game has seasonal updates that introduce new decorative elements, car types, challenges, and bonuses.

How to download Trackmania for free

Trackmania immerses you in high-speed races and impossible stunts. This highly competitive game offers a variety of game modes and challenges to keep the excitement in every race. Moreover, it’s regularly updated with new tracks to test your driving skills. You can also create your own speed tracks, jumps, and skill-based courses with this all-terrain Formula 1.

How to download Disney Speedstorm for free

If you’re a fan of crazy races and Disney characters, this game is for you. Disney SpeedStorm offers action-packed races with attacks, bonuses, and lots of fun moments. The basic version is free and can be expanded with in-app purchases. Who needs to play Mario Kart when you have Disney characters?

How to download Iso Racer for free

For those of us with a little more experience, we remember isometric driving games we used to play on Commodore computers. For the new generations, there’s Iso Racer. Although it’s more about drifting than driving, technique is everything. It’s a challenging yet satisfying game with an attractive aesthetic. Races take on a different perspective in Iso Racer.

How to download FPV Drone Simulator for free

Would you like to pilot drones in challenging scenarios? FPV Drone Simulator lets you do just that in exciting online matches. Compete against players from around the world on PC or mobile devices and showcase your drone flying skills. Or simply test your abilities with a simulator that offers highly realistic physics to authentically simulate the feeling of flying a drone.


How to download Marvel Snap for free

In Marvel Snap, you can challenge players from around the world in card duels featuring Marvel superheroes. This card game has gained recognition for its quality and addictive gameplay. Not only can you unlock new cards and improve their appearance, but you can also participate in highly competitive leagues. Download it for free on mobile or PC and join the action.

How to download Fall Guys for free

This game is packed with obstacle-filled races and fun reminiscent of a Grand Prix. Compete with players from around the world in a game that combines jumps, falls, and laughs in trial after trial until only one winner remains. Available on multiple platforms, it’s a perfect choice for spending time with friends.

How to download Farlight 84 for free

If we put Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PUBG in a blender, we’d get Farlight 84. It’s a super-fast-paced Battle Royale with jetpacks, all sorts of vehicles, and a map with 60 players ready for action. Don’t hesitate to try it if you find classic Battle Royales getting a bit stale.

How to download Unturned for free

More unique mixes: Minecraft and zombies. That’s Unturned. You’re the last human alive and must survive by collecting, hunting, and interacting with other characters, all while fending off zombies. The good news is that there are role-play servers for various thematic gameplays, making it even more fun with that Minecraft aesthetic so everyone can enjoy it.

How to download Goose Goose Duck for free

If you fondly remember Among Us, this Goose Goose Duck is going to blow your mind . It’s everything Among Us was but elevated to maximum power. More characters (50 roles), more tricks, more lies, voice chat included, 6 game modes and also events to challenge you to continue playing. Without a doubt, a great title to play with friends or strangers.

With these 24 options of free games, there’s no reason to spend money to enjoy an exciting gaming experience. Whether you prefer shooters, racing, or life simulators, there’s something for everyone on this list. So, start downloading your favorite games and get ready for hours of fun without any cost!

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