Installing Subtitles to Movies

QQ player allows you to install and run subtitle files on to movies. It supports all subtitle file extensions; which are ASS, SRT and SSA. The process of installing a subtitle file is done in a very easy way by naming the subtitle file after the movie file name. After playing the movie, the player will automatically open the subtitles file and install it to the movie. You can also do this through the main menu by clicking ‘subtitles’; a new menu will open where you can select ‘manually install subtitles from computer’ and then you can select the subtitles file from the computer to be installed to the movie and played directly.

QQ player provides you with many options to install and play subtitles with movies. If you have a movie without its subtitles, you can search for movie subtitles via the QQ Player. It provides a search engine to look for translation using the Internet. Once you play the movie, the program automatically downloads the subtitles file from the Internet and installs it on the movie according to the movie title. You should name the movie after the movies real title; this way the QQ Player can successfully install the correct subtitles automatically from the internet.

QQ Player is an effective tool in setting and improving subtitles on movies. You can modify font and control its size, as well as selecting font color and setting font border colors – you can choose white color font and select black for borders of font area. You can also control font transparency on the movie. QQ Player allows you to control the subtitles positioning on the movie as you can display subtitles on the top or bottom of the display or make it in the middle.

If you are having difficulty with the subtitles files not synchronizing correctly with movie events, then you can reset the subtitles synchronization with the movie trough; which will move the subtitles forward or backwards in seconds and in a very easy way. You can do so through the main menu or through running the control setting and controlling the subtitles synchronization accurately and practically.

QQ Player supports running double subtitles on movies. You can install two different subtitles to a movie. For instance, you can install an Arabic subtitle with a different color and install an English subtitle with another color, then two subtitles will be displayed at the same time