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How to Free Up Space in Google Photos with These 5 Tricks in a Few Simple Steps

Google Photos is an excellent gallery for storing the photos and videos you capture daily, and while it's not easy to master, it's quite easy to reach the free storage limit offered by the tech giant within a few months.

Goodbye Spotify: How I Switched to YouTube Music Over the Last Few Weeks

Spotify is the preferred music platform, and it is now preparing a new price increase for this year. This comes at a time when there are other alternatives such as Tidal or Apple Music; however, one of the most popular due to its proximity to most popular video service is YouTube Music.

You can now edit images generated by DALL-E with ChatGPT as if it were Photoshop

After adding watermarks to DALL-E 3 in February, OpenAI has announced another surprising innovation to artificial intelligence image generation: an editor to modify the generated prompt according to user preferences.

How the Taiwan Earthquake Could Increase Mobile Phone Prices: The Impact on the Country’s Factories

A series of earthquakes in Taiwan, the largest being a magnitude 7.4, has resulted in the deaths of at least nine people and injured at least 900 others. Authorities are still assessing the impact of the earthquake, the most powerful in the last 25 years, on public infrastructure.


Much has been said about the death of paper over the years. In books, journalism, and also in businesses. But the truth is that we still rely on paper for countless tasks: from brochures to technical documents, through invoices, payrolls, or information that we want to always have on hand or that facilitates decision-making.


It has happened again. All users who used the Cristal Azul add-on in Kodi to watch movies, TV series, or sports broadcasts have found overnight that it is not working and are asking the same questions they did last February: Why is Cristal Azul from Kodi not working?

Xiaomi’s car arrives at dealerships and humiliates Tesla with these cool touchscreen buttons

Xiaomi seems to have achieved the impossible: creating an affordable electric car that boasts performance and technology capable of competing with the best in the sector. Xiaomi has accomplished what Apple could not, at least on paper.

Goodbye Traffic Jams: Google Maps is About to Completely Change the Way You Drive

Of all the apps available on Android Auto, Google Maps is arguably the most popular; we could even say that Google Maps on Android Auto is essential for our trips, due to the wide range of functions it integrates and how it can enhance our driving experience.

The WhatsApp trick to hide chats and prevent anyone from finding them: they only appear if you enter a secret code

In November of last year, private chats with a secret code arrived, allowing certain conversations to be perfectly hidden. These private chats linked to a secret code prevent them from being seen and practically go unnoticed if the secret key is not known.

The Galaxy Ring can put you on a diet: this is how Samsung will improve your diet with its smart ring

Samsung's Galaxy Ring is heading straight for the summer to be presented alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and the Z Flip 6. An ideal accessory for the phone that initially may not have all its health specifications, although it has now been leaked that it could become a nutritionist to provide personalized meal plans based on the user's exercise routine.

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