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A Paid Twitter (X) for Everyone: Elon Musk’s Risky Gamble That Could Be a Masterstroke

Social media has reshaped the landscape of entertainment and news worldwide. Every country has its favorite apps, but giants like TikTok, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter) have become international behemoths, capable of shaping public sentiment even in countries within the European Union.

Google and TikTok Prepare a Historic Alliance: The Agreement That Will Be a Victory for Both Companies

TikTok faced a ban in Montana, United States, in April of this year, and there were concerns that it could expand to the rest of the country. However, thanks to being a social network deeply embedded in the new generations and worldwide.

Intel will launch Meteor Lake chips in December: the most efficient ever designed by the company

Just a week after the release of Thunderbolt 5, Intel has been eagerly awaiting this day after months of teasing that this chip will be a game-changer for the company and the industry. The Meteor Lake chip will be launched on December 14th.

Qualcomm brings WiFi 7 to your home with its new 10G technology: you’ll download as fast as with a cable

WiFi 7 is expected to arrive just before mid-2024, bringing a significant advance in download and upload speeds to any home equipped with this technology. Qualcomm is one of the key players, as it has just introduced its next-generation 10 Gigabit (10G) fiber bandwidth service to bring this new solution to any home.

The trick to sending a confidential email in Gmail to maximize protection

If you need an extra layer of privacy for your emails, Gmail's confidential mode allows you to do things like setting an expiration date for messages and adding certain restrictions for the recipient.

We tried the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic: it’s perfect for brand users

Smartwatches are increasingly being used, even surpassing cheaper but less capable smart bands. When it comes to smartwatches, Apple and Samsung are the top sellers, and in the Android ecosystem, the South Korean company is the standout, obviously.

Binance throws in the towel and says goodbye to BUSD, its stablecoin

Binance has announced its plan to gradually stop supporting BUSD, its stablecoin. This news isn't surprising, given the increasing regulatory pressures faced by the cryptocurrency exchange led by Changpeng Zhao.

Apple patents a retractable steering wheel and pedals for the Apple Car

The Apple Car continues to be a subject of speculation, even after Apple seemingly scaled back its ambitions for its development. However, futuristic vibes have returned: Cupertino has patented retractable steering wheel and pedals that "hide" when the vehicle operates autonomously.

Facebook and Instagram may have paid versions to avoid seeing ads

Meta could launch paid versions of Facebook and Instagram in Europe. A report from The New York Times mentions that the tech giant is considering offering an ad-free paid version for those living in the European Union.

X (Twitter) can now collect your biometric data

X, formerly known as Twitter, has updated its privacy policies to collect more data from its users, including your biometric data. The social media platform, owned by Elon Musk, explained on its website that this information will be used.

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