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Microsoft limits Designer after Taylor Swift’s deepfake controversy

Microsoft is taking steps to prevent users from generating sexually explicit images of Taylor Swift and other celebrities using AI after 404 Media discovered that viral photos of the singer were created using Designer.

Decathlon Drops a Bombshell, Launches a Smartwatch in the Style of the Apple Watch Ultra for Less Than 40 Euros

If one of our New Year's resolutions has been to go to the gym more often, we might need a way to track our steps, calories burned, and even more advanced data such as heart rate or blood oxygen levels. The solution lies in buying an activity tracker or a smartwatch.

Google is Going After WhatsApp Audios with One of the Most Anticipated Features

One of the reasons why WhatsApp is so popular is the ability to send voice messages through chat. Instead of having to type what we want using the mobile keyboard, we can use the microphone to say what we need to say and send it as an audio file.

What is WiFi 7? is it worth buying a router with this technology now?

A new standard that will change the way we connect to the Internet wirelessly is here. It's WiFi 7, a new technology that will allow us to browse at much higher speeds and improve the stability of our connection.

We Tested the Huawei Watch GT 4: A Premium-Designed Watch with a Lower Price Than It Seems

Huawei unveiled new devices in an international presentation, including a luxury watch and a new tablet. However, the star of the show was the Huawei Watch GT 4, the updated version of their high-end watch with an affordable price.

If you use an ad blocker, beware: This is Chrome and YouTube’s latest move

Google has definitively declared war on users who have ad-blocking extensions installed in their browsers. If you use an ad blocker, beware: this is the latest move by Chrome and YouTube to prevent you from avoiding the ads in each video.

Goodbye to Bad WiFi: The App for Measuring Coverage with Augmented Reality

With WiFi 7 just around the corner, it's a good idea to review the WiFi signal strength in each room of your home to determine if those issues with Netflix streaming or online gaming have a pinpointed culprit.

Say goodbye to Google Calendar: the app stops working today on all these phones

It's never good news when an app suddenly stops working, seemingly without any apparent reason. However, this is what happens when support is discontinued, and it can happen for many reasons. Without official support.

Google Drive Glitch Deletes User Files by Mistake: How to Check if You’re Affected and What to Do

While Google Calendar intentionally ends support for certain phones starting today, a very different circumstance is occurring with Google Drive, where several users are reporting the disappearance of files from their folders.

First Contact with Amazfit Active: The Ultralight Watch with Great Design and AI as a Trainer

Amazfit is releasing some smartwatches that are gaining traction in the Spanish market. In September, they globally launched the Amazfit Balance, and today in Madrid, they showcased the virtues of their new smartwatch, the Amazfit Active.

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