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Guide to the Best Xiaomi Fans for the Heatwave: Quiet, Smart, and Affordable

Xiaomi's home ecosystem sets it apart from its main competitors. Although the product catalog may not be as extensive as in China, there are still numerous home appliances available for purchase, including air fryers, blenders, and heaters.

How to monitor your home from hundreds of kilometers away: Don’t fear burglars and squatters when you go on vacation this summer

One of the seasons that brings the most changes to our daily lives is approaching, due to children's vacations, our own vacations, weather changes, and travels. These factors can have an impact on our mobile devices. A significant portion of the travel that takes place in Spain happens during the summer, filling beaches, hotels, and vacation apartments.

Discover Hisense American-style Refrigerators with Wifi and Spectacular Design

Why not fulfill the dream of having an American-style refrigerator at home? One of those large ones with multiple doors, various compartments, and advanced technologies. And with the added bonus of an ice dispenser, allowing you to indulge in the pleasure of hearing the tinkling of ice cubes as you enjoy a refreshing cold drink.

With the new Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaners, you can take a leap in cleaning your home due to their excellent value for money

Xiaomi has recently introduced four new models of robotic vacuum cleaners. These models aim to upgrade their cleaning lineup by offering premium features without breaking the bank.

We tested Xiaomi’s new robot vacuum cleaner that also mops, so you can retire your old Roomba

Xiaomi products can boast of many things: high reliability, good features, an excellent (and already known) value for money, careful design, and integration with smart home functions. This expanding family is gaining a stronger presence in Spain with an increasingly diverse range of devices, especially in home automation.