Converting Video and Audio

If you are one of those who love converting videos and music and playing them on your smart devices, such as an IPhone, IPad and other android devices, then you can use the QQ Player to convert video and music quickly and with high quality.Converting-video-and-audio

The QQ Player helps you convert videos, movies and music into many formats. It provides you with a tool to convert video while working independently and has a simple and easy user interface; you can run the video converter tool without the need to keep the QQ Player running. The QQ player has a high speed in converting videos while providing you many options. You can import a video from your computer and convert it to the following formats: FLV, WMV, MPG, AVI, 3GP and MP4. You can also convert videos and movies and play them on different mobile phone devices and media player devices.

QQ Player allows you to make personalized settings to convert video. You can set video and audio quality and set video dimensions. You can select video encryption, whether MPEG4, H264 and XVID. After customizing your settings you can select the video saving path and press the ‘start’ button and the program starts converting video in a high speed and saves it on your computer.

You can import unlimited number of video files and the program arranges them in a special list and converts them to many formats. During the conversion process, the program shows conversion percentage and time remaining for conversion process. You can also choose a video and move it up or down. You can also delete a video from the list easily.

QQ Player helps you convert audios and music. You can convert music to MP3 and WMA format. You can also extract audio and separate it from the video in high quality.

QQ Player is one of the most important free applications that support converting HD videos and movies. It has the feature of being light on the computer and doesn’t use your processors resources.