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I have tested the new Samsung component for your PC: this way it will boost performance without complicating things

If we are thinking about buying a new computer, we might fall into the trap of focusing on a powerful processor or the latest graphics cards to enjoy the newest games, and overlook other components such as storage.

The first AI PCs from Microsoft are official: this is how the new Surface devices with a very special key are

The year of the AI PC has begun. Personal computers are possibly facing a major revolution thanks to local Artificial Intelligence. Now, Microsoft has introduced its first devices based on this philosophy.


Contrary to what has been done for some years by companies like Apple or Samsung, Lenovo has opted for repairability with its new generation of ThinkPad laptops. We are talking about the ThinkPad L and ThinkPad X series, which come with the latest from Intel and AMD.

Acer Chromebox Mini, a versatile multimedia player that is easy to operate remotely

Chromeboxes are gradually and progressively making a place for themselves in the professional market. These mini PCs are small and discreet devices primarily aimed at the world of advertising and digital signage, with standout models such as the Acer Chromebox Mini.

iPad Pro with OLED Display and New MacBook Air with M3 Chip: We Finally Know When They Will Be Unveiled

Both the iPad Pro and the MacBook Air with the M3 chip, along with other iPad models, are just around the corner. This has been confirmed by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, who has revealed that both devices are in production in Apple's supply chain and could be launched as early as the end of March.

My experience with the Acer Chromebook Plus 514 after a month of use

Every laptop is unique, so before purchasing a model, it's essential to be clear about its intended use: gaming, studying or working, video editing, gaming, etc. In recent years, Acer has been giving considerable importance to Chromebooks.

We tested the first OnePlus keyboard, a great aid for work and studies

OnePlus is a brand that, until recently, was entirely dedicated to producing mobile phones, like the OnePlus Nord 3; it was more than just their top priority, it was their sole focus. That's why readers might understandably be skeptical when they find out that the brand has launched a computer keyboard.

Acer Nitro V 15, a ‘Gaming’ laptop for smooth action gaming

When it comes to gaming, having a powerful device is important, but so is smooth and uninterrupted performance. This is precisely what the Acer Nitro V 15 promises – a gaming laptop for enjoying action games with fluidity.

We Test the Samsung T5 EVO Portable SSD: 8 TB of Storage in an Incredible External Drive

If Samsung excels in its mobile phones like the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the OLED panels it mounts on its own smartphones or on those of Apple, as far as storage units are concerned, it is one of the best companies on the planet.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Cheap Second-Hand Graphics Card Without Noticing This Detail

The past few years have been particularly tough for gamers who faced difficulties in finding the necessary hardware to run their games. New consoles suffered from a lack of stock, and the PC sector was affected by the cryptocurrency fever.

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