Snapshotting video

QQ Player helps you snapshot video as digital images; which you can save on your computer. There are three types of snapshotting or capturing video shots; first is taking a natural size photo of the video by playing the video and pressing the camera icon (shot) – then a widow opens in front of you containing all the settings used for saving images; you can modify image saving path and define image extension (PNG, JPG and BMP), then you can press OK and the program starts saving the image on your computer in high quality.

Second type is taking an image that contains thumbnails of the whole video content. You can press (thumbs) icon and a special window will open through which you can define image extension (JPG or BMP), define images number of columns and rows as well as controlling images pixel dimensions. Default settings allow you 4 columns of 4 rows; which means that 4 thumbnails are put vertically and horizontally. After customizing your settings you can press the “save” button and the program will start saving various shots of the movie as thumbnails to be merged in to one image.

Third type is snapshotting an animated image (GIF) with different dimensions. To do that; you can press (GIF) icon to make the properties bar appear on the video display. You can define and set animated image start. You can also define the time range of the animated image. QQ Player allows you to define a time range between 1 to 10 seconds. You can also control the image size; such as choosing small, medium or large image. After choosing your settings, you can press the “save” button and the program cuts an animated GIF image quickly and saves it on your computer.

QQ Player is a distinctive and effective tool to take digital photos from videos. It saves you from having to use multiple tools and options for taking high quality snapshots.