Merging Videos

There are many happy occasions where you want to use your camera and record video as shots; such as recording videos at weddings and other functions. You may also want to record videos for landscapes and cities during a vacation in a beautiful country. After you finish recording, you will be surprised that the recorded video has been completed as unconnected shots. So, you will have to re-edit the videos and merge them in to one video. You can use the QQ Player tool to merge your favorite videos, convert them and save them on your computer.

QQ Player helps you merge videos in a high speed. You can merge a large number of videos in simple steps. Our program provides a lot of options for you to merge videos; such as merging different format videos and saving the video again in many formats. QQ Player supports converting and merging videos to the following formats: MP4, AVI, MPG, 3GP, FLV, and WMV. You can also merge videos and control video dimension size and video and audio encryption type. You can also define the merged video files saving path.

QQ Player allows you to merge music with video as an audio background for the video. You can import a video from your computer and define an MP3 audio file and the program merges videos with music. This method is one of the most effective solutions for merging audio with video in a high speed.

The merging videos tool provided by QQ Player is an independent tool. You can run the tool and merge videos along with the ability to play videos and music using the QQ Player at the same time. This tool also doesn’t consume your processors resources during the merging of the videos. You will barely realize the program exists while you’re running it. You can also merge videos in high quality and burn them on to DVDs and share them with your friends and family.