Download QQ Player For Windows & Android

Download latest version of QQPlayer for english & french and arabic language and for android.


Latest Version updated on Oct 30th, 2019.

Language Windows
English & Arabic Download V4.4.4.1001 | Size:30.5MB

QQPlayer for android:

Language Android
English Download V3.3.1.468 | Size:16MB

Previous Version updated on April 16th, 2016.

Language Windows
English & French & Arabic & Russian Download V3.9.936 | Size:34MB

QQ Player is a legend among known video players due to the wide range of services it provides to its users. Among these services is supporting the installation of subtitles into movies; which supports all known subtitle file extensions. You can also control subtitle settings, such as setting the color and size of the subtitle font. You can also install double subtitles into a movie with our system that allows you to install two different subtitles to the same movie. QQ Player also allows you to improve video quality with just one button. You can also control brightness scale and 90 degree video rotation in all directions. You can reverse video direction from left to right. You can create a favorites list containing your favorite movies that you are able to quickly access. You can activate the system to save multimedia files you have recently played. This system helps you watch movies however you like; if you played a movie and just watched a part of it then turned it off, you can open the movie again to start at the point you stopped. You can also erase playing history for more privacy.

QQ Player allows you to make unlimited lists for media files stored on your computer. For instance, you can make a list for sports then add all sports video files, you can make a list for cartoon movies, a list for documentaries, etc. You can professionally manage lists; like numbering files and reordering them. You can also add or delete a file from the list easily. You can also play a file from the list by pressing only one button.

3D movie technology is one of the most modern technologies that has broken through mass media as it is a new technology providing a new dimension for watching movies. TVs supporting 3D are as popular as computer screens supporting 3D technology. So, you need software that will allow you to play 3D movies and, in addition, convert 2D movies into 3D ones. Surely you can use the QQ Player; the first player that supports playing 3D movies for users.

QQ Player provides full control in playing media files. You can control video reading speed as well as controlling display dimensions in different styles. You can also control sound volume and increasing sound volume to 1000%; which means ten times more than the original volume. QQ Player is the only media player that supports this feature. You can also control how to play a set of files existing in one list through the serial playing system. You can select ordered or random playing. You can also apply repeated playing for all files in the list. In addition, you can play one file repeatedly; this feature is good for those who have a favorite audio file and want to listen to it continuously. QQ Player allows you to control all program settings very easily. It also provides a setting to control the playing settings independently for video control, subtitles, voices, etc.

If you are looking for a program that carries out all media functions, then you need this software on your computer. You can depend on the Chinese QQ Media Player to play video and audio files that have been Arabicized and translated into English and many other languages…no longer limited to Chinese. While using our software, you will find some buttons in Chinese; these buttons are saved in encrypted files that you can’t reach and translate. However, they are not a problem, the buttons have an image expressing their function clearly.

What’s new in QQPlayer (Oct 30th, 2019):-

  • Fix audio playback issues
  • Solve the problem of space pause invalidation

What’s new in QQPlayer (Oct 11th, 2019):-

  • Optimize the playback experience.
  • Fix the problem that the network multi-audio stream has no sound.
  • Fix the crash.

What’s new in QQPlayer (Sep 29th, 2019):-

  • Optimize the playback experience.
  • Fix the crash.

What’s new in QQPlayer (Sep 23th, 2019):-

  • Fix starts with accelerated playback.
  • Fixed a problem where the length of some files was 0.
  • Solve the problem of residual image with animation during installation.
  • Solve the crash phenomenon.

What’s new in QQPlayer (Sep 18th, 2019):-

  • Added audio and video merge function.
  • Optimize subtitle loading time.
  • Support Direct3D 11 video renderer.
  • Support HDR10 format file.
  • Support for capturing GIF after screen rotation.
  • Optimize multiple experience details.

What’s new in QQPlayer 3.9.936 (April 16th, 2016):-

  • Recommendation is added, come and see what blockbusters people are watching! .
  • Gif screenshoot provides more size choices .
  • Fixed two program crashes .

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