Splitting and cutting video

The QQ Player application allows you to cut shots of video and audio files by providing an advanced tool for splitting video. You can cut a shot of a video and save it on your computer with the original video format or save it as a different format. Our software supports saving videos in the following formats: MP4, WMV, FLV, AVI and 3GP. You can also extract audio and separate it off the video then save it on MP3 and WMA extensions. You can control the video quality as the program provides three quality standards; low, medium and high quality. You can also fully control video dimensions.

Splitting-and-cutting-videoThe way to cut a shot from video and audio is very easy. You can play the video then press video tools, then press split video icon “split”, then the settings bar appears before you on display. You can set the beginning and end of the shot by dragging the control mark. There are two marks; one defines shot start and the other defines the shot end. After setting properties you can press the “save” button, then QQ Player opens a new window through which you can define the shot saving path and define video format and quality. You can also select to save audio only without video. Then you can press the “OK” button and the program starts splitting video shots quickly along with showing the remaining percentage and time of the cutting process.

After you finish cutting a shot of video, you can directly play the shot. You will notice a very high quality for the video; which doesn’t differ from the original videos quality.

The QQ Player application helps you cut a piece of a music file. This tool provides effective solutions for cutting a small piece of music and making use of it as a ringtone for your mobile phone. The way to cut a small piece of music doesn’t differ from cutting a video shot.