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Philips OLED+ 908: A complete experience for watching movies and series

Ready to experience multimedia like never before? The Philips OLED+ 908 television has been designed for users who want to truly understand what "immersive" means. It not only features one of the best OLED panels on the market.

Haier Q8 Series, QLED TVs for maximizing your gaming experience

The rise of video games is not only reflected in the sales of the latest-generation video game consoles or the release of AAA titles in the market but also in the realm of televisions. More and more manufacturers are targeting the gaming audience with their product releases.

TCL 98C805, A Massive Premium 98-inch Television

Good, beautiful, and... enormous. The TCL 98C805 is one of the finest examples of the new TCL television lineup. It combines an attractive design, cutting-edge technologies, and a whopping 98-inch screen size.

These Could Be the Ultimate Gaming Headphones for PC and Mobile: We Tested the Corsair HS80 Max

There's no shortage of options in the market when it comes to wireless gaming headphones. Now, Corsair has entered the scene with its new HS80 Max priced at €189.99, aiming to make us forget about other brands by offering everything we need.

Philips Fidelio L4 and T2, Premium wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation

One of the gadgets where the difference in sound quality between models is most noticeable is earbuds. For those who refuse to settle for the first thing they find on store shelves and seek a higher-level experience, Philips offers the Fidelio L4 and T2.

Philips OLED+ 908, A Television with high brightness and ambilight technology

Philips is gearing up for the arrival of the new Philips OLED+ 908 this fall, a television with high brightness levels and Ambilight technology. In addition to the META OLED panel provided by LG, the Dutch brand has gone all out with its new seventh-generation P5 processor.

TCL SF5 Series, Small-sized Full HD Televisions with Amazon Fire TV integration

TCL is one of the brands that is strongly committed to large-format televisions, even exceeding 85 inches. However, this doesn't mean they neglect smaller models, which are typically installed in smaller living rooms, bedrooms, or kitchens.

A powerful soundbar in every sense: Teufel Cinebar Ultima analysis

Although the sound that modern televisions can achieve is usually sufficient for many households, more and more users are seeking something more, a sound that is fuller and more powerful than what is possible with built-in speakers.

The simple trick to prevent your Android TV from automatically turning off

You've likely encountered a notification that your TV will turn off soon if you don't press any buttons, a function aimed at energy saving but can become quite an annoyance. We'll show you how to disable this option.

The 13 Best Free Streaming Services: Movies and Series Without Registration or Payment

Paid streaming platforms offer a wide variety of content, premieres, and access to documentaries that are not usually available through commercial channels. In addition to these paid experiences, there are also free platforms that don't require user registration.

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