Philips OLED+ 908, A Television with high brightness and ambilight technology

TVs & Audio | October 1, 2023

Philips OLED+ 908, A Television with high brightness and ambilight technology

Philips is gearing up for the arrival of the new Philips OLED+ 908 this fall, a television with high brightness levels and Ambilight technology. In addition to the META OLED panel provided by LG, the Dutch brand has gone all out with its new seventh-generation P5 processor, which leverages artificial intelligence to take the audiovisual experience to new heights, allowing viewers to appreciate even the tiniest details in their living rooms.

In addition to the mentioned features, the Philips OLED+ 908 also has an eye on the gaming audience, offering some exciting functions such as 4K resolution and a 120 Hz refresh rate, along with a revised and improved speaker system from Bowers & Wilkins to enhance the audio experience and a much cleaner and intuitive menu interface. The OLED+ 908 will be available for purchase starting in October 2023, with screen sizes of 55, 65, and 77 inches, although the pricing is yet to be disclosed.

Philips OLED+ 908 - 01

META OLED Panel to enhance brightness and detail in whites

Among the key features of the Philips OLED+ 908 television is its META OLED panel. These LG panels, also found in models from the South Korean brand and Panasonic, stand out for having a Micro Lens Array (MLA) matrix placed over the OLED pixels, causing light to bounce off them and providing greater brightness. This architecture, combined with the brightness-enhancing META algorithm, results in the OLED+ 908 having 70% more luminance, reaching a peak brightness of 2,100 nits.

Philips OLED+ 908 - 02

The technology used in the panel is complemented in this case by the new seventh-generation P5 image processor, which becomes the differentiating factor for this Philips TV. In addition to having higher brightness, the processor ensures that the image is displayed with a higher level of detail, particularly noticeable in whites, which appear less washed out and lackluster compared to other equivalent models. The processor’s performance is also evident in a greater reduction of “banding,” the effect that causes pronounced color transitions to display as stripes rather than a natural gradient.

Philips’ Ambilight technology continues to be a highlight in its premium segment televisions, and in the case of the OLED+ 908, it offers better adaptation to the room’s lighting conditions, taking into account not only sunlight but all light sources to create an even more immersive atmosphere.

Philips OLED+ 908 - 03

Improved sound and gaming experience

For gaming enthusiasts, Philips has some good news, as the new OLED+ 908 boasts improved sound and gaming experiences. This television allows gaming at 4K resolution and a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, which can be variable or fixed, depending on the player’s preference. This provides an incredibly smooth and fluid gaming experience with improved response times and remarkable clarity, thanks to the processor’s performance.

In terms of sound, Philips continues its partnership with Bowers & Wilkins, presenting a front 3.1 channel speaker system with a total output power of 80 watts in the OLED+ 908. The TV’s drivers are specifically designed for this model, and there are seven different sound modes available (AI, Original, Entertainment, Music, Spatial Music, Dialogue, and Personal).

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