TCL SF5 Series, Small-sized Full HD Televisions with Amazon Fire TV integration

TVs & Audio | October 1, 2023

TCL SF5 Series, Small-sized Full HD Televisions with Amazon Fire TV integration

TCL is one of the brands that is strongly committed to large-format televisions, even exceeding 85 inches. However, this doesn’t mean they neglect smaller models, which are typically installed in smaller living rooms, bedrooms, or kitchens. The new TCL SF Series includes small-sized Full HD televisions with integrated Amazon Fire TV, an operating system that began appearing on some of the Asian brand’s TVs last year and is gaining presence in other brands as well, becoming an increasingly common alternative to Android TV and Google TV.

The new televisions in the TCL SF5 series will feature Full HD resolution screens and support HDR. They will come in 32 and 40-inch sizes. Both will be available for sale through Amazon soon, although their starting prices have not been announced yet.

Modern design and Full HD image

The TCL SF5 series televisions have a modern and sleek design without bezels, ensuring they blend well with any type of décor while emphasizing their screen despite their size. Available in 32 and 40-inch formats, they won’t be particularly bulky, making installation on a stand or directly on the wall hassle-free.

The panel resolution is 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, which is Full HD, delivering sufficiently sharp and defined images. Moreover, it is compatible with the HDR standard, meaning it has a high dynamic range that optimizes image quality frame by frame. This smart enhancement improves color range, brightness, and contrast. If you’re looking for even higher image quality performance, TCL offers a wide range of options in its catalog, as you can see in the following link.

Dolby audio technology and Fire TV operating system

Regarding audio, the SF5 series features Dolby Atmos technology, providing cleaner and more nuanced sound that can enhance the immersive experience when watching TV shows or movies. DTS-HD is also supported for Blu-ray discs and streaming platforms, enhancing sound quality for films.

Another distinctive feature of TCL’s SF5 series televisions is the presence of the Amazon Fire TV operating system. It comes with an Alexa voice remote, allowing you to take advantage of all the capabilities of this voice assistant to access live TV channels, streaming platforms, and other Fire TV-compatible applications more easily and conveniently.

While the SF5 series from TCL may seem modest, its utility can extend far beyond that. With Alexa on the remote control, you can also access new functions throughout your home. You can manage other devices that are compatible with Amazon’s intelligent assistant through the remote control. This way, in addition to a TV for your bedroom or a small room, you’ll also have a useful tool for everyday tasks.

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