Haier Q8 Series, QLED TVs for maximizing your gaming experience

TVs & Audio | November 9, 2023

Haier Q8 Series, QLED TVs for maximizing your gaming experience

The rise of video games is not only reflected in the sales of the latest-generation video game consoles or the release of AAA titles in the market but also in the realm of televisions. More and more manufacturers are targeting the gaming audience with their product releases, and this can be seen with the introduction of product lines such as the Haier Q8 Series, QLED TVs designed to enhance the gaming experience to the fullest.

These Haier TVs come equipped with the technologies that any avid gamer seeks to make the most of their console, while also considering other factors such as available space. Therefore, the Q8 series TVs are available in sizes ranging from 43 to 65 inches, catering to users who want to place them in their bedrooms as well as those intended for the living room.

Haier Q8 Series - 01

QLED displays with 4k resolution

The Haier Q8 Series features QLED panels with Quantum-Dot technology and 4K resolution, delivering a sharp image with remarkable brightness, capable of reproducing up to 1 billion colors on the TV screen. Furthermore, with Direct LED technology, backlighting is more effective as it adjusts the power and intensity of the LEDs according to the nature of each scene, dividing the panel into hundreds of real-time zones where the brightness increases or decreases, ensuring precise detail.

Faster image processing with no lag

In addition to image quality, gamers pay attention to other details, such as the refresh rate, which in this case is 120 Hz. MEMC technology also plays a significant role in reducing latency and lag, ensuring that games run smoothly, even the most demanding ones with a high level of detail and constant on-screen movement. Notably, the presence of HDMI 2.1 ports ensures a higher bandwidth, making them ideal for connecting the latest-generation video game consoles or a gaming computer to fully enjoy online gaming.

Haier Q8 Series - 02

Dolby Atmos sound and google TV operating system

Besides image response speed, a great gaming experience also requires high-quality sound. Haier incorporates Dolby Atmos into its Q8 series TVs, ensuring a surround sound experience for immersive gaming, as well as for movies and TV series.

Speaking of pure television functions, these Haier TVs run on the Google TV operating system, an evolved and polished version of traditional Android TV, allowing users to easily download all the applications available on the Google Play Store.

Price and Availability

At the time of writing this article, some models of the Haier Q8 Series were already available in select electronics stores, but only in two of the available sizes (55 and 65 inches). The price is 900 euros for the 55-inch Haier Q8, while the larger 65-inch model is priced at 1,200 euros.

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