not working: discover 7 alternatives in 2024

TVs & Audio | January 15, 2024 not working: discover 7 alternatives in 2024

MaxTV came into the world as an ideal free streaming solution for those who enjoy watching live sports. However, there are times when this service does not perform as it should. not working? Well, here are 7 alternatives to this platform in 2024. So, if you were having a hard time due to its malfunction when watching live streams, you have come to the right place.

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Tired of going around without knowing where to watch your live sports? Then you’ll love discovering these 7 alternatives for when is not working. From now on, you will know exactly what to do when this platform is unable to provide you with a good experience.


A great alternative to is Why? Because it is a website that gathers a variety of streaming channels available on the internet. It is divided into several sections: National includes all channels of Spanish DTT, including autonomous and even local channels. In the International section, you will find a variety of popular channels such as the American CNN, the British BBC, or the German Deutsche Welle.

Last but not least, in the Other section, you can find sports, music, children’s, or documentary channels, among many other options, even channels with adult content. Moreover, also provides a Radio tab with which you can listen to more than 250 radio stations from around the world.



Duckvision is another alternative to that could appeal to you if you are a football enthusiast. Note that you need to grant permissions to install third-party apps on your Android because the app requires installing an APK (it does not work on iOS). Duckvision offers a series of links to the signal of different TV channels. Among these, you will find many sports channels from countries like Spain or Germany or Italy, making it a true ally for football lovers. If you want to try it, download the Duckvision APK from the link below:



Kodi is a popular IPTV application that allows you to turn your mobile into a multimedia center with a clean interface and content of all kinds. In this free tool, you can add M3U lists to access any sports TV channel and watch your favorite team.

In case you didn’t know, M3U lists contain the necessary data to access IPTV channel broadcasts through remote IP addresses. There are all kinds of them for all tastes, so it is quite likely that with them, you will find more than one channel broadcasting the sports events you are interested in.

Besides enjoying everything IPTV has to offer, with Kodi, you can listen to the radio, watch videos, or view photos on your mobile. Beyond being a great alternative to watch live sports, we are talking about a complete multimedia center for your smartphone, completely free.



 When is not working, RTVE Play is an app that gives you access, in addition to exclusive programs, to all the live and on-demand content of RTVE. Thanks to this, you can watch live events and have access to your favorite programs, series, documentaries, or movies from the comfort of your mobile.

With this application, you will be able to watch RTVE’s live content: La 1, La 2, Teledeporte, Playz, and Canal 24 hours with your smartphone without having to pay a euro. Enjoy live broadcasts of football, basketball, tennis, debates, current affairs, and more. It also allows you to save your favorite content to watch it later and not miss anything. Undoubtedly, the RTVE Play app is one of the best alternatives to in 2024.



If is not working, Tivify is a great free and legal alternative with quite good performance. On this platform, you can watch live DTT channels, but it also has a series of different channels, both thematic and sports, and even includes regional and international channels.

Tivify used to be a premium service that required you to pay a monthly fee of five euros. However, currently, there is a free subscription that allows you to enjoy up to 80 television channels without paying anything, and all you have to do is register for the service.

Pluto TV


 Pluto TV is an alternative when is not working, where you can watch up to 100 television channels over the Internet. This platform gives you the possibility to enjoy content from any device, either through the website or on mobiles and tablets with its Android or iOS application.

However, Pluto TV is an ad-supported video-on-demand service. What does this mean? Well, while watching a movie or series, ads will appear as in conventional television. It’s not that bothersome because the ads are much shorter, and thanks to them, you won’t need to register or pay anything.

España Live


 With the España Live application, you can watch a wide variety of Spanish channels, including sports, movies, music, and entertainment, in high quality and HD. Although the app is regularly updated, some users have noted the presence of advertisements, which could be annoying.

Despite this inconvenience, the application remains popular due to its catalog of channels and constant programming updates. Without a doubt, it is one of the best applications to turn to when is not working.

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