Polk S-20 Elite, bookshelf HiFi speakers to complete your home cinema

TVs & Audio | December 11, 2023

Polk S-20 Elite, bookshelf HiFi speakers to complete your home cinema

Details matter when it comes to bringing the cinema experience to a living room or bedroom, and each device is crucial for enjoying movies and TV series at a superior level. To achieve this, there are models like the Polk S-20 Elite, bookshelf HiFi speakers to complete your home cinema that feature the latest technologies so you can have a true ‘home cinema’ experience.

These Polk speakers are compatible with both Dolby Atmos and DTS and are a perfect complement to amplifiers like the Denon PMA-900 HNE. The Polk S-20 Elite is available for sale at a price of 350 euros and comes in two colors, black and white, to adapt to the aesthetics of any room where they will be installed.

Polk S-20 Elite - 01

Dynamic balance technology to optimize sound

The Polk S-20 Elite bookshelf speakers are designed to deliver very pure sound, incorporating Dynamic Balance technology that allows you to hear full-range, clear, and deep sound in high resolution. This technology takes into account all the internal speaker systems, detecting and eliminating potential issues that may affect performance before the sound is emitted.

Design is another pillar supporting the quality of the Polk S-20 Elite speakers, literally, as they feature curvilinear supports that reduce resonance while expanding the response. The speakers extend low-frequency response, offer better mid-range dispersion, and also provide a crisp and detailed high-frequency or treble response. This will make voices and instruments in any audiovisual work perceived with much greater vividness. With its 40 kHz, it can support the latest high-resolution audio file standards, creating the sensation for the viewer of being in the middle of the scene or concert.

Polk S-20 Elite - 02

Power port system and sturdy, rigid enclosure

Another striking technology of the Polk S-20 Elite speakers is the Power Port system, which ensures smooth airflow from the speaker port to the listening area. The bass port is also extended, providing a larger surface area to eliminate turbulence and distortions, allowing you to hear bass with a large, musical effect more akin to the cinema than a home.

The speaker enclosure is quite sturdy and rigid, reducing internal standing waves to improve sound color. It also features a special non-resonant Meddite MDF construction that dampens sound and reduces noise levels for a more realistic sound.

Denon PMA-900 HNE, an amplifier with great connectivity

The performance of the Polk S-20 Elite speakers can be maximized with the Denon PMA-900 HNE, an amplifier with extensive connectivity, both analog and digital. In addition to being compatible with leading music streaming platforms (Spotify, Amazon Music, etc.), it also boasts 85 watts per channel, a perfect match for the range supported by Polk speakers (between 20 and 125).

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