Xiaomi 14 Price Leaked: Here’s How It Stacks Up Against the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Google Pixel 8

Since Xiaomi unveiled the 14th generation of its flagship phone last October in China, the market has seen significant changes, with the releases of rivals like the Samsung Galaxy S24 or the OnePlus 12. The usual delay between the launch in China and the launch in Europe has played a trick on Xiaomi this time.

This is the Xiaomi 14 Ultra: official images of the new flagship phone specialized in photography have been leaked

On February 25th, during the MWC in Barcelona, Xiaomi will unveil its two new flagship phones; one of them was highly anticipated, while the other will be a surprise. On one hand, the basic Xiaomi 14 will finally arrive, after several months available first in China.

The incredible instant slow-motion camera feature of the Galaxy S24 will also come to these Samsung phones

In the analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, there was a feature that really caught attention, especially for being an ideal option for content creators or those users who want to surprise friends or family.

Samsung resolves doubts: responds to users with a major update for the Galaxy S24

The launch of the Galaxy S24 is one of the most important events of the year in the Android sector; after all, these are the mobile devices that set the standard that other manufacturers will have to, at the very least, match if they intend to compete.

You can now play your Xbox games on your Android and iOS mobile without a controller: the official app gets updated

Microsoft is also going after Google and Apple with a possible mobile game store, but for now, it's staying with a major update for its Xbox app. A few hours ago, they announced the arrival of touch controls for remote gaming on both Android and iOS.

The Mid-Range Phone that Will Reign: Testing the POCO X6 Pro Introducing Xiaomi’s HyperOS System

Almost every year, the mid-range segment leads in sales compared to other segments. It's not surprising, as the phones in this market space go beyond what entry-level offers while maintaining prices far from the over a thousand euros that a flagship phone might cost.

Samsung Galaxy S24 vs S21, differences, comparison, which is better

The Galaxy S24 is now a reality. For this new generation, the manufacturer's bet has been rather contained, at least compared to the Galaxy S23. In other words, Samsung has focused part of its innovations on the interior and some design details, as well as artificial intelligence.

10 Tips to Maximize the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

We live in a world surrounded by AI, with almost every gadget incorporating some form of Artificial Intelligence. However, Samsung has taken a leap forward with a set of AI features that could revolutionize our smartphone experience.

The 5 features we expect to see in the iPhone 16

The iPhone 16 will be Apple's next flagship, scheduled to arrive in the second half of 2024. Expectations for its features are high, and rightfully so. It aims to compete with the most advanced devices from other brands in the high-end segment.

Does the Samsung A23 come with earphones and charger? Here’s what’s inside its box

In this 2024, the way smartphones from different brands are sold has changed a lot compared to some years ago. For this reason, today we will tell you if the Samsung A23 comes with earphones and a charger.

Should i buy the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 or the Redmi Note 12 Pro? Pros and cons of each

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 and the Redmi Note 12 Pro are two smartphones known for their excellent value for money, making them great options for those unwilling to spend large amounts on a mobile device.

Haier I-Master Series 5, a multi-beverage machine to become your friends’ favorite barista

Being the perfect host is no easy task, but we can equip the kitchen with the necessary elements. Among these small appliances that can help us make a difference is the Haier I-Master Series 5.

Acer Chromebox Mini, a versatile multimedia player that is easy to operate remotely

Chromeboxes are gradually and progressively making a place for themselves in the professional market. These mini PCs are small and discreet devices primarily aimed at the world of advertising and digital signage, with standout models such as the Acer Chromebox Mini.

I have tested the Artificial Intelligence of the Samsung Galaxy S24: it’s going to change the way you use your phone

Samsung has announced its new family of high-end smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S24, in an event held in San Jose, United States. These three models maintain a consistent design with previous generations but come loaded with innovations thanks to artificial intelligence.

Will there be a Samsung Galaxy A75 or A75 Pro in 2024? Everything we know

Until recently, Samsung's most advanced mid-range lineup belonged to the Galaxy A7X series. The latest model in this series was the Samsung Galaxy A73, presented in 2022. However, without any apparent reason, this series ceased to be updated with new phones.

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