The best Hoover vacuums to gift at christmas

Smart Home | December 13, 2023

The best Hoover vacuums to gift at christmas

Christmas is in the air, but that doesn’t mean you have to resort to perfumes as gifts during this special season. Beyond personal gifts, opting for a small appliance is as practical as it is appreciated by those who receive them, and these are the best Hoover vacuums to gift at Christmas if you’re considering this option for some of your closest family members.

Hoover HFX, a vacuum that reaches every corner

One of the brand’s most recent models is the Hoover HFX, a cordless vacuum that features CORNER GENIE technology to reach the most hidden places in the house and clean it more thoroughly. To do this, you need to detach the main brush, leaving an accessory with a 360-degree joint at the end, providing extra agility when vacuuming.

Hoover HFX - 01

In addition to this, the Hoover HFX has other notable features such as its autonomy and suction power. This model achieves 30 minutes of autonomy, a time that the manufacturer claims is sufficient for cleaning an area of ​​120 square meters. However, there is also a higher model, the HFX20P 011, which can reach a full hour.

The Hoover HFX vacuum has a fairly simple self-cleaning system, a lever that moves to open the dust container, allowing it to fall directly into the trash bag without any contact with dirt. Another interesting addition is the ANTI-TWIST technology that prevents hair or pet fur from getting tangled in the brush. The price of the Hoover HFX starts at 550 euros (depending on the chosen model).

Hoover HF9, a vacuum with great autonomy

Another alternative to renew the household vacuum is the Hoover HF9, a vacuum with great autonomy that also offers a great user experience in terms of suction power thanks to its 350-watt brushless motor. This stick and handheld vacuum reaches 30 minutes of autonomy in its ‘Hard Floor’ and Carpet modes, avoiding the need to rush through cleaning before having to reconnect the device to the power.

This model also has a variant for pets, the HF9 PET, which can efficiently remove all the hair your furry friends leave in the living room and rooms. The Hoover HF9 is available for sale in department stores and appliance specialty stores starting at 420 euros.

Hoover HF9

Hoover HF4 and Ultra Vortex, handheld vacuums

Other more affordable devices include the Hoover HF4 and Ultra Vortex, cordless handheld vacuums for added maneuverability in every corner of the house. The Hoover HF5 has a 360-degree maneuvering range and features intuitive controls, with a 30-minute autonomy as well. Its universal brush adapts to any surface and has an LED light on the front that reveals dirt that may be hidden after the first pass. Its price is 300 euros.

Hoover HFX - 02

Finally, with the Hoover Ultra Vortex, you can even clean the mattresses in your house. It has 500 watts of power and leaves all surfaces free of allergens or mites, allowing you to switch between its vacuum, rotating brush, or a UV lamp that will leave your home clean and fresh. This model is available for 93 euros.

Hoover HFX - 03

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