Guide to the Best Xiaomi Fans for the Heatwave: Quiet, Smart, and Affordable

Smart Home | July 4, 2023

Guide to the Best Xiaomi Fans for the Heatwave: Quiet, Smart, and Affordable

Xiaomi’s home ecosystem sets it apart from its main competitors. Although the product catalog may not be as extensive as in China, there are still numerous home appliances available for purchase, including air fryers, blenders, and heaters.

One of the most sought-after appliances in recent days is the fan, as the heat has arrived with intensity. Xiaomi’s fans are renowned for being among the quietest, which is essential for using them during summer siestas or while sleeping at night.

Currently, there are four different models of fans available: three pedestal fans and one tower fan. Prices range from €79.99 to €139.99, although there are often discounts and offers. The tower fan has its own unique features compared to the others, but it’s important to understand the significant differences between the three models that share the same design, as the price can vary almost twofold between them.

Common Featuresn

All of these fans share certain characteristics. Firstly, they boast a well-thought-out design that fits well in almost any room of the house. The pedestal models have two adjustable heights, allowing them to be used on the floor or placed on furniture. Changing the height requires the use of a fixed extender, meaning it cannot be adjusted instantly like in other models from different brands.

Furthermore, all four models are compatible with Amazon and Google assistants, enabling voice control for turning them on and off, along with some additional functions in the more expensive models. Moreover, they can be controlled through Xiaomi’s smart home app, Mi Home, which also allows the use of presence sensors to automatically turn the fans on and off.

Xiaomi Fans - 1

In addition to these control methods, all fans have buttons on the top for manual control, eliminating the need for reliance on mobile phones or external accessories. These buttons also allow for switching between different air modes for each fan.

Differences Between Models

Naturally, the four models have differences that explain the price variations. The Smart Tower Fan (€129.99) features a variable frequency DC motor, which generates less noise, offers greater stability, and saves energy consumption. However, the main difference lies in its tower-shaped design, which is more compact and allows for a wider rotation angle of up to 150º. This model is praised for its low energy consumption, which is highly appreciated in a product that will be running for extended periods.

Xiaomi Fans - 2

The cheapest model is the Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 Lite (€79.99), which can occasionally be found for €49.90. It only offers three levels of airflow compared to the other models, which provide a much wider range of granularity with up to 100 different levels. The rotation angle of this model is 90º, and it consumes more energy than the other fans while still maintaining a quiet operation, although not as silent as the rest.

Another option is the Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 (€99.99), which recently received positive reviews. It improves upon the previous model with an increased rotation angle of up to 140º, 100 power levels, lower energy consumption, and more voice control options. It features a dual-blade system and a DC motor.

The most powerful option is the Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro (€139.99), which is essentially the same as the previous model but with a crucial advantage: it can be used wirelessly without being connected to a power outlet. This is possible because it has a built-in battery that provides up to 18 hours of autonomy, depending on the selected power and speed settings. The battery can be charged using a magnetic charger, allowing for easy recharging by simply placing the fan on its base, similar to how vacuum cleaners are charged.

In summary, if you’re looking for a tower-type model, the Smart Tower Fan is the one to go for. For a powerful, quiet fan with low energy consumption, the Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 is recommended. If you need a fan that can operate independently from a power source, the Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro is the choice, while the Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 Lite offers an economical option with slight compromises in terms of energy consumption and features such as rotation angle and intensity levels.

Where Can I Buy Them?

These fans can be purchased from online stores such as PCComponentes or Amazon, as well as Xiaomi’s official website. Promotions are often available in all of these places, so it’s advisable to compare prices and deals across different retailers, as well as among the various models.

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