Goodbye to ‘Cyberpunk 2077’: CD Projekt states that there will be no more expansions after ‘Phantom Liberty

A peculiar piece of information has emerged from CD Projekt RED's presentation of its financial results for the first half of 2023. The Polish studio stated that Phantom Liberty, set to premiere in September, will be the only expansion for Cyberpunk 2077.

‘Call of Duty’ relies on artificial intelligence to solve its biggest problem

Toxic players are one of the biggest issues in Call of Duty. Despite mechanisms for reporting or muting them, the measures don't always work. That's why Activision has begun testing a tool that uses artificial intelligence to combat abusive behavior.

‘Starfield’ is breaking records on Steam since its early access

While the official release of Starfield is scheduled for September 6th, buyers of the Premium or Constellation editions were able to begin their adventure today—or yesterday in America. To the surprise of many, the game is making waves on Steam.

I have tested the Android portable console that aims to replace gaming computers with cloud gaming

When Google announced the end of Stadia last September, some could only think, "it's about time"; the cloud gaming project had failed to convince players that it would be the future of gaming. Ironically, and as often happens with Google, if the company had waited a little longer, it would have had more arguments in its favor.

This Open World RPG Couldn’t Decide Between Being The Witcher or Ratchet & Clank and Ended Up in No Man’s Land – Atlas Fallen Review

Atlas Fallen isn't a terrible game, but it's rather lackluster. Even making allowances for technical shortcomings, it's difficult for me to recommend a game that doesn't quite fit in terms of action, RPG elements, or story. It's frustrating to see things like this because Deck 13 (the creators of The Surge) had an appealing premise in their hands.

The Top 10 Video Games with the Most Simultaneous Players in Steam’s History

In recent days, Baldur's Gate 3 has been making headlines due to the extensive content offered by Larian's new masterpiece and its impact among PC players, making it one of the titles with the most simultaneous players on Steam.

Red Dead Redemption: Comparing the New PS4 and Switch Versions with the Original

Rockstar has officially announced Red Dead Redemption for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, a version that has been rumored for some time. However, it's not a complete remake or remaster but rather closer to a re-release.

“If you can’t use your favorite players, it’s not Ultimate Team.” EA Sports FC Resolves Controversy over Women’s Football in the Successor of FIFA

The introduction of women's football into Ultimate Team was one of the major controversies during the unveiling of the upcoming EA Sports FC 24. Starting from this installment, players will be able to create mixed-gender teams in what has become the primary game mode of the football video game.

Sea of Stars Knows No Exclusivity Boundaries, Demonstrated as the First Game to Arrive on Both Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus at Launch

One of the many attractions of current subscription services lies in the possibility of accessing newly released titles. PS Plus has shown us this with examples like Tchia, while Xbox Game Pass has done the same with a good handful of releases, including the upcoming Starfield.

This GTA 5 Mod Allows Speaking Directly to Characters Using AI

On August 2nd, mod creator Bloc uploaded a new story for Grand Theft Auto V to NexusMods, which is being covered by international media outlets like VGC. The noteworthy aspect is not just that it's a new campaign, but rather how its dialogues function.

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