Football Manager 2024 already has a release date, the first trailer, and a multitude of additional innovations

Gaming | September 22, 2023

Football Manager 2024 already has a release date, the first trailer, and a multitude of additional innovations

What Sports Interactive and Sega are achieving is truly admirable. The Football Manager series continues to do an excellent job, just like the first day, and it’s gaining more fans in its fantastic football simulation. This time, we’ll talk about the latest news and the release date of Football Manager 2024, which is ready to land on all platforms.

Football Manager 2024 aims to offer total football realism and will be available from November 6 on all platforms, including PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Mac, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. It will also be available at no additional cost to Game Pass subscribers. If you’re one of the thousands of fans interested in the simulator, you’ll be pleased to know that if you pre-order the game from a digital distributor selected by Sega, you’ll receive a 10% discount.

There will be an Early Access period for Football Manager 2024 for PC and Mac users through the Epic Games Store and Steam, as confirmed on the official website. It will last for approximately two weeks, and the progress you make as a manager can be transferred to the final game when it arrives on the market on September 6.

In addition to all this, there are many exciting new features. Sports Interactive emphasizes that this is “the most complete edition of the series to date,” with numerous features that “enhance immersion and raise the bar for the gaming experience.” The most notable aspect is that you can now transfer careers from Football Manager 2023.

More improvements have also been confirmed for “set-piece plays, and transfers and finances will be smarter.” In the video provided above, there is a roadmap that previews the updates, but more details will be revealed on them in the coming weeks through social media:

Football Manager 2024 exclusive to Netflix on mobile

If you want to play Football Manager 2024 on Android or iOS, it’s essential to have a Netflix account. “Players can still find FM24 Mobile on the App Store and Google Play, but they will need a Netflix account to log in and start their journey to football greatness,” they clarify.

“If you haven’t logged into Netflix on your device, you will receive a login prompt when you reach the game’s loading screen. At that point, you will need to enter your Netflix account details or sign up for a new subscription,” they explain. They have also highlighted the addition of four new languages to the game.

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