Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster reaches 3 million copies sold

Gaming | September 21, 2023

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster reaches 3 million copies sold

Square Enix has updated the sales figures for Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, the remastered versions of its first six Final Fantasy RPGs on mobile, PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4: 3 million copies. This is one million more than what was achieved in May.

These revisions, which feature updated graphics without significantly altering the original pixel-art aesthetics, improved music quality, and other gameplay enhancements, began to be released in mid-2021 in a staggered fashion on PC, iOS, and Android. After releasing all six episodes, it was the turn of consoles, and some community-requested changes were implemented, such as a text font more consistent with the retro look.

The start of a legendary saga

“With the graphical and audio improvements we’ve seen in recent years, along with the latest changes in the console versions compared to PC and mobile, Final Fantasy I-VI Pixel Remaster is now more recommendable than ever,” as stated in the review.

“Yes, we can still find some drawbacks regarding missing content from the GameBoy Advance versions, CGI video sequences from the PlayStation – at least as extras – or purists who may not be satisfied with the difficulty balance, but this collection brings enough improvements in audiovisual and gameplay aspects that make it the ideal choice to enjoy some of the finest examples of the role-playing genre and the beginning of one of the most important sagas in the industry.” OXO Video Game Museum in Málaga has announced a temporary exhibition dedicated to the entire saga, with special attention to the most recent game, Final Fantasy XVI.

Fantasy Pixel Remaster

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