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be quiet! announces its best power supply to date

If there's one thing German manufacturer be quiet! is famous for, it's the quality of its power supplies, and this time they're going all out with new models from their TOP power supply family.

If you enable this option, you will have Windows 11 updates before anyone else

If you're someone who feels more at ease with having all the Windows updates at maximum speed, Microsoft has good news for you. In the latest version issued for its operating system, a new option has been incorporated to ensure that your operating system is always up-to-date.

Philips has had a great idea: their new monitor comes with an attached electronic ink screen

In the world of monitors, advancements are usually associated with gaming, but Philips has just surprised us with the Philips 24B1D56000, a unique monitor that has an electronic ink screen attached to its right side.

The 10 essential applications for your new Windows computer

If you have just purchased a new computer, these are the applications that you cannot afford to miss, as they are practically indispensable.

Six PC-related myths that are completely false

From the appearance of the first home PCs until today, several decades have passed, but despite the many changes that have occurred, there are still many myths or urban legends surrounding the PC ecosystem that, for one reason or another, many people still believe in, and it turns out that they are completely false.

We test the LG Ultra 17: a huge laptop with massive battery life for working wherever you want

The largest laptops currently available have huge 17- and even 21-inch screens. Typically, these devices are designed for the most demanding gamers or content creators, and feature graphics cards and components that make them among the most expensive on the market.

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