Acer Nitro V 15, a ‘Gaming’ laptop for smooth action gaming

Computers & Laptops | December 13, 2023

Acer Nitro V 15, a ‘Gaming’ laptop for smooth action gaming

When it comes to gaming, having a powerful device is important, but so is smooth and uninterrupted performance. This is precisely what the Acer Nitro V 15 promises – a gaming laptop for enjoying action games with fluidity. This computer offers a fast and smooth gaming experience thanks to its DDR5 type RAM, the latest standard on the market, and a display with an ultra-fast refresh rate of 165 Hz that makes the movement of the action feel natural and seamless.

Acer aims to make its new Acer Nitro V 15 laptop affordable for many gamers, with a starting price of 1,100 euros that will increase depending on the desired configuration (RAM, storage, etc.). This model will be available for sale starting from October 2023.

ACER NITRO V 15 - 01

13th Generation Intel processors and wide configuration options

The Acer Nitro V 15 gaming laptop will be equipped with 13th generation Intel Core i7 processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards, a combination that ensures power and good performance when playing any video game, from modest to triple-A titles. The GPU also features some of the latest and most demanded technologies in the gaming industry, such as ray tracing, which significantly enhances lights, shadows, and reflections while playing.

In addition to this, there are configuration possibilities that can go up to 32 GB of DDR5 RAM to ensure smooth gameplay at all times, optimizing loading speed and avoiding a sudden drop in FPS in the middle of a match. This is complemented by the option to have a PCIe M.2 solid-state drive with up to two terabytes of internal storage, allowing the installation of titles without worrying about running out of space on the computer.

ACER NITRO V 15 - 02

Ultra-fast refresh rate and ray tracing graphics

The display of the Acer Nitro V 15 is an IPS type with Full HD+ resolution and a 15.6-inch diagonal in a 16:9 format. However, the most notable aspect of this panel is its refresh rate, reaching 165 Hz with a response time of 3 milliseconds, meeting the immediacy desired by gamers when sitting in front of the laptop, especially useful in action or racing games.

In addition to the screen’s response speed, the immersive experience is completed with DTS:X Ultra technology, which optimally configures sound and acoustics for the player to feel in the center of the action, adapting to different game genres with various modes. This is also supplemented by Acer’s own artificial intelligence solutions, such as Purified Voice and Purified View, ensuring the best possible quality for video calls under any circumstances.

The connectivity of Acer’s Nitro V 15 is prepared for demanding users, featuring the WiFi 6 standard, ensuring a fast and stable connection without fear of unexpected drops, or a Thunderbolt port for charging and transferring files at a higher speed.

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