Goodbye to Writing Gmail Emails: The Revolutionary Feature that Uses Your Voice and AI

Artificial Intelligence | February 7, 2024

Goodbye to Writing Gmail Emails: The Revolutionary Feature that Uses Your Voice and AI

In its current version, Gmail offers various options for managing the entire inbox or sending emails; you can even react with emojis. But what’s next is going to exponentially enhance the experience, allowing users to dictate prompts with their voice while generative AI takes care of crafting the draft.

Google is revamping Gmail with a new experience through the Help Me Write feature, which uses AI to assist in composing emails. All the user needs to do is input prompts for the AI to elaborate on, but soon you’ll be able to use your voice instead of typing them.

TheSpAndroid has activated an upcoming Gmail feature that allows creating the draft of an email with your voice. Users simply need to speak the prompts aloud for generative AI to generate the email draft. They have even shared some screenshots demonstrating how this new feature works.

Gmail Emails AI

There are some notable differences compared to a similar feature in keyboard apps that allow using voice to input text. This helps in understanding the processes carried out with Gmail’s AI feature:

When using this functionality, according to Android Authority, the interface automatically displays a large microphone when you start composing a new email or replying to one. You tap on the button for entering prompts and then on Create, which uses Gen AI to compose the final email.

For now, it’s unclear if Google will roll out this feature in Gmail for Android since currently, Help Me Write is restricted to users in Google Workspace Labs in the United States and only works in English. It could be that this voice feature will be gradually deployed to some Gmail users and then to the rest, but this is contingent on Help Me Write being dissociated from the Workspace monthly subscription.

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