OPPO Laboratories Now Use Artificial Intelligence: Here’s How They Use It to Improve Their Mobile Devices

Artificial Intelligence | February 2, 2024

OPPO Laboratories Now Use Artificial Intelligence: Here’s How They Use It to Improve Their Mobile Devices

Designing and manufacturing smartphones like the new OPPO Find X7 will be easier with the integration of Artificial Intelligence and robotics into the daily operations of laboratories dedicated to such endeavors. Launching smartphones with such an iconic design and high specifications is a complex task, especially in the current landscape with so many competitors vying for applause and economic benefits.

OPPO has started incorporating intelligent robotic arms that rely on Artificial Intelligence for complex tasks, managing them in a simple, precise, and effective way. These robotic arms will primarily handle product development tests and software and hardware performance.

Several OPPO centers in China are beginning to use these cutting-edge technologies. A similar trend has been ongoing for years with other Chinese companies in the automotive industry, utilizing fully automated factories. The Communications Laboratory is one such facility, equipped with a robotic arm that, thanks to AI, can navigate social media and the internet, aiming to create and mimic real user usage environments.

OPPO Find X7

OPPO’s NFC Laboratory employs Artificial Intelligence to test devices and assess their ability to withstand thousands of tests to check their accuracy in reading and writing. Additionally, the laboratory experiments with XR experiences to apply a variety of technologies to the realm of extended reality.

Finally, OPPO AndesBrain IDC can provide high computing potential for AI-focused tasks and develop upcoming AI solutions for users of their mobile devices. The application of these technologies enhances the efficiency of the data center by 45%.

This move by OPPO, as reported by Servimedia, demonstrates that the use of this technology is at the core of the brand’s evolution, ensuring it doesn’t lag behind in all processes involved in designing and manufacturing the necessary elements for the software and hardware of their upcoming devices. This capability may lead to even more disruptive smartphones than the OPPO Find X7, which has surprised many with its rear design, especially in a time where innovation seems challenging. With AI and robotics, OPPO is sure to continue capturing the attention of the general public.

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