What is WiFi 7? is it worth buying a router with this technology now?

Other Technology | January 20, 2024

What is WiFi 7? is it worth buying a router with this technology now?

A new standard that will change the way we connect to the Internet wirelessly is here. It’s WiFi 7, a new technology that will allow us to browse at much higher speeds and improve the stability of our connection. This means that even when connected wirelessly, our experience will be similar to what we would have with a wired connection. We are almost certainly facing the future of Internet connections, but what do we know so far?

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What is WiFi 7 used for?

WiFi 7 technology allows us to browse at speeds of up to 48GB per second. Additionally, it doubles the bandwidth capacity to 320 MHz and has double the MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) capacity, offering better transfer and coverage.

So, what does this mean for connecting to the Internet at home? First of all, the arrival of this standard can definitively boost 4K and 8K video streaming. Until now, the image quality of the series and movies we watch on our favorite platforms has been limited by the connection speed, but when this speed quadruples, this limitation would disappear.

The arrival of WiFi 7 can also be very interesting for fans of cloud gaming. Improvement in the world of video games is currently limited by latency, affecting the gaming experience. However, once this becomes less of a problem, playing online can be a completely different experience.

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When will WiFi 7 be available?

Right now, MediaTek is conducting the first tests with the WiFi 7 standard to ensure that everything works correctly before launching this technology.

As for when we can see this new standard in action, the date we are looking at is May 2024. At this time, an official presentation of the new technology would take place, allowing us to see if it is as impressive as it is claimed.

Then it will be necessary to wait a few more months for routers to adapt to this new standard. Subsequently, smartphones and other devices that are released will need to be ready for this new technology that will allow us to navigate the network at high speeds.

Therefore, it is likely that before the end of the year, we will already start using this technology in our homes. However, keep in mind that the first devices with access to it will be high-end devices, and we may have to wait a little longer to find affordable, compatible devices.

Is it worth buying a router with WiFi 7 now?

 In the first few months when WiFi 7 technology begins to reach homes, there won’t be many devices compatible with this new standard. Only the newest and high-end devices will be able to use it from the first days it is launched.

Therefore, if you are going to use this new technology for “home” purposes, it is probably better to wait a bit. Having a router compatible with the new standard is of little use if none of the devices in your home can take full advantage of its potential.

Once its use becomes widespread, it is likely that Internet service providers will offer deals on routers adapted to this new standard. It will be then that we can truly make the most of it. Meanwhile, unless you plan to use it professionally or are willing to make a significant investment, it may not be worth diving into the new technology as soon as it is released.

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