We tested the Xiaomi Smart Band 8: the smart wristband where you’ll hit the mark spending less than 40 euros

Other Technology | October 21, 2023

We tested the Xiaomi Smart Band 8: the smart wristband where you’ll hit the mark spending less than 40 euros

A few months ago, Xiaomi unveiled its new smart wristband, the Xiaomi Smart Band 8, in China. This model marked the entry into the company’s wearables catalog, and in the September event held in Berlin, the company announced its arrival, along with the Xiaomi 13T and Xiaomi 13T Pro.

This wristband succeeds the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 and doesn’t bring significant changes. However, this is because the company has focused on offering an affordable device (priced at 39.99 euros) with a strong emphasis on design. This was evident at the event, where various straps for the wristband were showcased.

In contrast to the past, the core of this device, the technological part, can be worn on the wrist, but it can also be placed elsewhere. Apart from the regular silicone straps, there are also metallic ones with links that blend well with the new design featuring a metal frame. Notably, there are two eye-catching options: one allows you to wear it as a pendant, and the other can be attached to your shoes.

The shoe attachment is particularly interesting for those who engage in physical exercise, as it allows for more precise exercise tracking, being closer to your feet. In our review, we used only the conventional black silicone strap that Xiaomi typically includes in the retail package.

Polishing the Design

Visually, this wristband closely resembles its predecessors. However, the presence of a metal frame gives it a slightly more premium feel. Additionally, replacing the stock strap with a more elegant one transforms it from a somewhat plain wristband into a more stylish one. These new straps use a similar attachment mechanism to those used by brands like Apple and Samsung, and they don’t need to cover the entire perimeter of the wristband anymore.

On the back, you can find the charging pins for the magnetic charger, which is now white and has a different shape compared to chargers used with previous generations. This area also houses sensors for monitoring heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and more.

Impressive Display

The Xiaomi Smart Band 8 features an AMOLED panel with a 1.62-inch diagonal and a resolution of 192 x 490 pixels. It offers a maximum brightness of 600 nits, which can be controlled automatically, a convenient feature. The screen has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, suitable for this type of device.

Xiaomi Smart Band 8 - 01

As you can see, this screen is virtually identical to those on previous models. In fact, the major change in the 2022 model was the display, and it seems Xiaomi decided not to make another change in this regard. It’s worth noting that the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro, with its much larger screen, isn’t available in our country.

Expected Battery Life

Battery life has always been a strong point for products like this, especially when compared to smartwatches. Personally, I’ve grown accustomed to keeping the Always-On mode enabled on the wearables I use. However, for the purposes of this wristband review, I chose not to use it to make comparisons with previous models.

Xiaomi Smart Band 8 - 02

Without enabling the Always-On mode, you can expect around two weeks of battery life, a remarkable figure that meets expectations. Activating this mode significantly reduces battery life, roughly halving it. The choice of using one mode or the other ultimately depends on individual preferences, but even in the second case, this device offers more battery life than most advanced smartwatches on the market.

Fitness is Key

As with other wearables, exercise monitoring is the primary function of this wristband. It can track more than 150 different sports, although there are some limitations. Additionally, with the shoe capsule mode, you can attach the wristband to your shoe and obtain advanced metrics for exercises that involve running.

Xiaomi Smart Band 8 - 03

However, you’ll need to purchase this accessory separately, but it’s a reasonably priced investment, especially if you engage in daily exercise. In addition to exercise, it can measure various health parameters like stress, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, and, for women, menstrual cycles.

Should I Buy It?

The Xiaomi Smart Band 8 has once again established itself as the go-to smart wristband. It offers good performance, a conservative yet customizable design, and, most importantly, a more than decent introductory price, especially in the current market conditions.

Xiaomi Smart Band 8 - 04

While competitors continue to emerge, Xiaomi has an advantage in its ecosystem. If a user finds this wristband somewhat lacking, they can always consider the new Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro, a Wear OS smartwatch that will also be available but comes with a significantly higher price, as expected.

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