We Tested the Huawei Watch GT 4: A Premium-Designed Watch with a Lower Price Than It Seems

Other Technology | January 19, 2024

We Tested the Huawei Watch GT 4: A Premium-Designed Watch with a Lower Price Than It Seems

Huawei unveiled new devices in an international presentation, including a luxury watch and a new tablet. However, the star of the show was the Huawei Watch GT 4, the updated version of their high-end watch with an affordable price, focusing heavily on design while not compromising on hardware.

we had the opportunity to test Huawei’s smartwatch for a few weeks in its 46mm version with a stainless steel strap. This is the most expensive model of this device, priced at €369.90. However, the base model with a rubber strap starts at just €249.90, offering the same features.

There are various versions available, both in 46mm and 41mm sizes, with varying prices based on materials and size. We can tell you right away that this is a watch worth considering, especially if you’re looking for a stylish accessory, an area where it excels.

Better Than Ever in Design

Huawei’s GT series has been known for pushing the boundaries in terms of design, and this generation is no different. The Huawei Watch GT 4 boasts an extremely refined aesthetic and construction. The primary material used in the version we’ve been using is stainless steel, for both the strap and the watch body.

The links in the strap can be easily added or removed, using a mechanism similar to what we often find in other watches. The strap can also be replaced with another, although given the watch’s shape, it’s challenging to find one that looks better than the factory-provided strap.

Huawei Watch GT 4 - 01

It has two buttons, both on the right side. The top button is wheel-shaped and allows for smooth scrolling through lists, both up and down, as well as zooming in the apps menu. The top button’s wheel functions very smoothly, enabling zooming in and out, as well as navigating up and down menus. Its movement is well executed, and it has a vibration motor that provides excellent feedback.

The bottom button is entirely programmable, accessing the function that each user selects. Personally, I use it to set timers, but everyone can choose their preferred function, significantly enhancing the user experience with the device.

Impressive Display and Battery Life

The design of this smartwatch is not the only eye-catching aspect; the display is also remarkable. It features a 1.43-inch AMOLED panel in this model and a 1.32-inch screen in the smaller version. Both have the same resolution of 466 x 466 pixels, and in this larger model, with a slightly lower pixel density, it looks excellent. Beyond this, the screen technology allows for vibrant colors.

Black is represented by turning off pixels on these panels, so when the background is black, it saves some battery life. This is an area where it also excels. Its brightness is more than sufficient to view the content on the screen outdoors and under direct sunlight. Additionally, the gesture of raising your wrist to wake the screen works very well, making it very convenient to check notifications and the time with a simple motion.

Huawei Watch GT 4 - 02

Regarding battery life, the manufacturer promises around 14 days on this model, and it’s not far from the truth. It boasts a 524mAh capacity, and when used moderately for sports activities with measurements enabled, it can almost reach this figure, although in my case, it has been closer to 10 days. This is without the always-on display option enabled, or using GPS for geolocation, which are two of the factors that consume the most battery. This aspect depends on how you intend to use it.

However, what’s certain is that you won’t need to charge it every night. In conclusion, both the battery and the screen are among the positive aspects of this watch, providing a great experience that comes close to watches in a much higher price range.

HarmonyOS is a Success

Since the previous generation, HarmonyOS has been the operating system running on this range of watches, and although it has room for improvement, it works very well. However, it’s important to note that its application is not available on Google Play, so it needs to be downloaded from their website.

Beyond this clarification, the device’s software has impressed us. It’s dynamic, runs smoothly, and offers a wide range of options. It’s not perfect, but it certainly has some very interesting details that many users will appreciate.

Huawei Watch GT 4 - 03

It features several customizable panels, each containing various customizable icons. One of them displays heart rate, blood oxygen, and other data, while another displays the calendar and weather, including some fully customizable shortcuts.

The watch has a microphone and speaker, so you can answer and make calls as long as it’s connected to your phone. The same goes for notifications, which you can reply to with predefined responses, emojis, or a custom response that you can compose from the app, appearing as an additional option.

Huawei Watch GT 4 - 04

Huawei’s App Gallery is available for this device, so you can download apps like a calculator or even an unofficial app to control Spotify from the watch, among others. However, you’ll need to do this from your phone. In any case, it offers many possibilities for the watch, and most users will likely find at least one app that is useful in the store. Furthermore, there are controls such as finding the device, controlling media playback, making calls, or using its flashlight, altimeter, or compass, which can be very helpful in daily life.

Its health tracking features are also good, including stress measurement, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and sleep quality thanks to its TruSleep technology. While it may not be the most sports-oriented watch, it offers over 100 different modes, some of which it can detect automatically.

Should I Buy It?

It’s difficult not to recommend this smartwatch. It boasts a great design in all its variants, at a reasonably low price, even in its most expensive version, which is significantly more affordable than the typical price of a 46mm high-end watch. For reference, it’s €100 cheaper than the Huawei Watch 4.

Of course, this means it lacks some of the advantages of these more expensive models, such as the ECG sensor, fall detection, or eSIM compatibility. However, if you don’t need these types of add-ons, it’s a purchase that can satisfy almost everyone.

Huawei Watch GT 4 - 05

This smartwatch offers an excellent design in all its variants, with a focus on style and aesthetics. Its screen is bright enough to be easily readable outdoors under sunlight, and its resolution provides good pixel density.

In terms of health monitoring, it can track metrics such as sleep quality, stress levels throughout the day, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels. This should be more than enough for people who want to obtain some health information. Additionally, it integrates various assistants that can help users with weight loss and other goals.

In conclusion, this is a highly recommended device for those seeking a smartwatch capable of providing extensive health information, with over 100 sports modes, where aesthetics and battery life also matter.

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