Reasons why you should NEVER use cologne to clean your game controller

Gaming | May 29, 2023

Reasons why you should NEVER use cologne to clean your game controller

I’m sure you’ve considered the macabre idea of using cologne to clean your game controllers or peripherals because you believe it contains alcohol and it’s said to be good for disinfection. Not to mention the pleasant scent it leaves behind. However, today I’m going to explain why you shouldn’t even think about it, nor should you use pure alcohol or any other liquids that come to mind.

Is it really harmful?

Well, yes, it’s actually a highly damaging product both for us and for the game controller. First of all, cologne contains compounds that, depending on the brand and product, can be very harmful to our device, even corrosive. We might use it once and not notice any immediate effects, but after several uses, we would see how the controller loses its color and texture.

But it’s not just about aesthetics; it also affects the controller’s functionality. Simply letting it dry is not enough. The acidity levels in cologne are not suitable for use on plastic, metal, and gears, and it could deteriorate their quality over time, leading to poorer performance.

Using cologne to clean

So, it’s best to avoid using cologne or any other improper liquids and instead opt for recommended cleaning methods to ensure the longevity and proper functioning of your game controller.

It is true that cologne contains alcohol and other components that can disinfect our game controller by killing any cells, viruses, or living organisms that may be on it. However, that doesn’t mean we should use it for that purpose. There are other specific products, such as isopropyl alcohol, that are more suitable.

It affects our health

Even if you hadn’t considered it, I have to tell you that using cologne actually affects our health more than you might think. Good-quality colognes or perfumes contain oils, fixatives, and additives that allow their scent and substance to linger over time on our game controller. This means that our hands are in contact with the controller for hours, and there’s a risk of transferring those chemicals to our mouth, nose, or eyes, which is not recommended at all. That’s why it’s essential that if you have no other option and need to disinfect a controller, you should wash it properly with wipes and water afterward. This will help prevent the cologne’s substances from corroding or damaging the controller and causing harm to our own health.

Clean Game Controller

On the other hand, not cleaning them regularly is equally or even more harmful because they become a breeding ground for infections, mites, and dust. Similarly, if we touch our nose after playing a game, we can get sick. So, now you know. Clean your peripherals regularly, but never use a product that is not specifically intended for that purpose. You could damage the controller and compromise your health. If you don’t have any suitable cleaning products on hand, remember that a damp paper towel with just water is a good option, at least for removing most of the dirt without any risk.

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