Historical minimum price for Samsung’s most advanced smartwatch: This Galaxy Watch5 will cost you less than €179

Other Technology | May 22, 2023

Historical minimum price for Samsung’s most advanced smartwatch: This Galaxy Watch5 will cost you less than €179

The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 is one of Samsung’s best watches and a perfect companion for Galaxy devices and any Android smartphone.

Samsung has greatly improved its smartwatches to the point where it can now be compared to being the Apple Watch for Android users. With the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch5, they have shown that they are on par in terms of design and features.

But if there’s one detail that we really love about this watch, it’s definitely the fact that its price is much lower than that of an Apple Watch, something that only Android users can benefit from.

Right now, you can get this Galaxy Watch5 for only 179 euros at Miravia. But if you’re a new user and you purchase it through their app, you’ll get an extra 5 euros discount, bringing the price down to just 174 euros.

We’re talking about the Samsung watch with a 40mm size and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

If we compare it to the price in other stores, you’re getting it at a minimum price. On Amazon, it costs 209 euros, while at MediaMarkt, it’s priced at 254 euros.

If you prefer the 44mm model, you can also find it on sale at Miravia for 209 euros. In other words, you can get the larger size of this watch for the same price as the best offer on Amazon for the smaller model.

This watch is only compatible with Android phones, so iPhone users will have to opt for another smartwatch.

It features health sensors such as a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen level monitoring, and the ability to take electrocardiograms. It also tracks sleep quality, stress levels, and provides a menstrual calendar for women.

You can also track your physical activity, whether you engage in sports or not. It keeps a record of the hours you spend standing and the calories burned throughout the day, and it can be used with a wide range of different sports.

This is an excellent offer that you shouldn’t miss, especially at these low prices. And if you need a mobile phone, you can take advantage of this offer: Samsung Galaxy S22 with this Galaxy Watch5 as a gift.

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