Google is Going After WhatsApp Audios with One of the Most Anticipated Features

Other Technology | February 2, 2024

Google is Going After WhatsApp Audios with One of the Most Anticipated Features

One of the reasons why WhatsApp is so popular is the ability to send voice messages through chat. Instead of having to type what we want using the mobile keyboard, we can use the microphone to say what we need to say and send it as an audio file. It’s true that WhatsApp voice messages are somewhat controversial and not everyone likes them, but it is undeniable that they are a reason to use the app.

That’s why it’s not surprising that all WhatsApp competitors offer a similar function for sending voice messages; everyone, except one. For some strange reason, Google Chat has resisted including that option, opting only for text input; the closest thing we have is voice recognition, which types a message based on what we say into the microphone.

Fortunately, it seems that Google has finally understood that voice messages are an essential part of any messaging app and will implement them in Chat. This was discovered by @Assembledebug, who has verified that the feature is already present in the app, although it is only accessible by making an unspecified modification. What they have done is share screenshots showing how Google Chat voice messages will work, and in that sense, there are no surprises.


Chat’s voice messages will work like WhatsApp’s voice messages. You just have to tap on the new microphone button that will appear next to the button that allows you to send a photo through chat. When you tap on this new icon, a new interface will appear indicating that the app is recording; you will also see a button to pause the recording and another to delete the audio before sending it. If you are satisfied with what you have recorded, you just have to press the send button, and it will appear as an audio in the chat.

Chat voice messages can be sent to both individual chats and groups and teams; although by default, text will still be the default method of communication, and the microphone button will disappear if you tap in the text box. The voice messaging feature will also be present in the Gmail app since Google Chat is integrated into the email manager. This feature is likely to arrive worldwide soon: it seems to be working correctly and should be available in the first quarter of 2024.

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