Google Drive Glitch Deletes User Files by Mistake: How to Check if You’re Affected and What to Do

Other Technology | December 5, 2023

Google Drive Glitch Deletes User Files by Mistake: How to Check if You’re Affected and What to Do

While Google Calendar intentionally ends support for certain phones starting today, a very different circumstance is occurring with Google Drive, where several users are reporting the disappearance of files from their folders. These aren’t recent files but ones from months ago, making the issue quite serious.

Cloud storage offers many advantages, making it a popular choice for many users: access from anywhere, constant backup, and storage that surpasses physical limits (as long as you pay for it).

However, it’s not always a smooth journey, as some Drive users are experiencing a severe problem: the complete disappearance of folders without any warning from the app. Reports of this issue have surfaced on the company’s support forums. Currently, the problem only affects users of the desktop version of the app.

A bug erases entire folders

In fact, a Korean user claimed that their Drive account has been rolled back to the date of May 2023, meaning all files uploaded after that month are currently lost. The user states that there is no activity in the history after May 2023, and none of the files are in the recycle bin; it’s as if a rollback to an earlier version of the app occurred.

The user asserts that they followed Google Drive support recommendations for recovering a copy and restoration, but all efforts were in vain with no solution for the files lost since May of this year. Other users have reported similar issues, but affecting files uploaded to the cloud in the last year or two.

Currently, according to Android Authority, Google is investigating the problem, and the only recommendation is not to touch anything in the root directory of Google Drive. At the moment, it doesn’t seem that the issue is only affecting those using the web version of Google Drive and smartphones. What is concerning, however, is for users who may have thousands of files in the Drive cloud and could experience the deletion of dozens or hundreds of files without knowing what’s happening. But as Google advises: it’s better not to touch anything until a solution is found.

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