Goodbye to Bad WiFi: The App for Measuring Coverage with Augmented Reality

Other Technology | December 9, 2023

Goodbye to Bad WiFi: The App for Measuring Coverage with Augmented Reality

With WiFi 7 just around the corner, it’s a good idea to review the WiFi signal strength in each room of your home to determine if those issues with Netflix streaming or online gaming have a pinpointed culprit. Orange has now announced the availability of an app that makes this task easier with the help of augmented reality.

There’s nothing better than using the camera’s viewfinder to place various augmented reality-tagged points around the house, each displaying the signal strength. This way, if you change the position of the router, you can see in real-time the effect on the signal by registering any changes at those points with augmented reality.

This app, called HIT Wi-Fi AR, can be downloaded on Android to measure signal strength. As claimed by the operator, it’s an app also used by the company’s installers to accurately measure WiFi coverage levels in homes.


The app is quite simple in its behavior, and from the tests we conducted, it works quite well, even with the use of augmented reality. Under this mode, it’s easy to label various positions in the home (multiple ones can be marked in each room), and from a broader view of all the saved labels, see them in augmented reality in a concise and clear manner.

How to Use HIT Wi-Fi AR:

The app will alert you with a notification in augmented reality mode if the WiFi signal strength of one of the labels has changed. Click on the notification to jump to that label with the modification in received intensity.

The mode without augmented reality is straightforward and also allows you to save labels as you move through different rooms of the house. The operation is the same as in augmented reality mode. The only difference is that to assess the effects of the changes made in the house, you will have to review the list of labels or wait for the app to notify you through an alert.

This app, with augmented reality, visually demonstrates the effects of changes in the location of the router or any possible device or furniture that may be hindering the proper reception of WiFi signals.

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