Forget the critics, do you know what PC you need to play Redfall?

Gaming | May 9, 2023

Forget the critics, do you know what PC you need to play Redfall?

The truth is that things haven’t been going as Microsoft expected lately, and at least in the gaming world, it seems like they need the help of an artificial intelligence to guide them and tell them the direction they should take in the coming times. And Redfall is a clear example that these attempts often clash with the perception of some Xbox players (and others who aren’t).

Not everything is a disaster

Although many believe that Arkane Austin didn’t have a good day when conceiving Redfall, at least compared to other releases from the same studio, maybe the blame is not on Bethesda but on those who have placed so much hope in these types of titles for Xbox to regain lost ground against PlayStation. Anyway, let’s leave those console disputes for those who want to entertain themselves, and let’s focus on PC.

The controversy of the game’s 30fps on consoles aside, if you have a powerful PC, you’ll be able to enjoy the game with much higher quality than on Xbox, which is often quite common when it comes to gaming on computers. However, before you start playing Redfall, do you know what hardware requirements you need to meet?

Well, if you want to know how your PC will handle running Redfall, we’ll provide you with the three configurations recommended by the company for players. In addition to the typical minimum and recommended specifications, they have added an Ultra category for those who want to enjoy the game at maximum graphics capacity. Here they are:

Redfall minimum requirements:

Redfall recommended requirements:

Redfall “Ultra” requirements:

As you can see, Redfall on PC doesn’t seem to require an excessively high configuration, even at the highest level. Graphics cards like the NVIDIA RTX 3080 are quite common in many current configurations, as are the amount of RAM or the 9th generation i7 processors. So if you meet these requirements, it is very likely that when you start playing the Arkane title and see it in action, you’ll wonder why there was so much fuss. Because we can’t say it’s a disaster, on the contrary, it seems that many players have decided not to give it a chance.

And that’s the bare minimum, don’t you think?

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