What's New in QQ Player


What’s new in QQPlayer (Aug 7th, 2019)
  • Optimize track synchronization issues.
  • Save video inline captions.
  • Intercept animation interaction optimization.
  • installation package supports high score screen
  • HD video card optimization
New in QQPlayer New in QQPlayer (ِJune 8th, 2019)
  • Optimize the playback problem of TrueHD format.
  • Support sharing video with mobile phone on wifi.
  • Support screen size adjustment, subtitle blocking.
  • Support channel selection, specify full screen playback screen
  • Support fast forward and rewind custom seconds
  • Support displaying time information in full-screen playback area
  • New in QQPlayer (March 24th, 2019)
    • Adapt to high score screen
    • Support online subtitle library
    • Support image quality enhancement and screen rotation
    • support sound card output device selection
    • Optimize file association and double speed playback
    • Improve the startup speed of QQ video and audio
    New in QQPlayer (Jan 28th, 2019)
    • A new generation of pure player.
    • Fully upgraded visual performance Support for more video formats.
    • Redefining smooth and clear.
    New in QQPlayer 3.9.936 (April 16th, 2016)
    • Recommendation is added, come and see what blockbusters people are watching! .
    • Gif screenshoot provides more size choices .
    • Fixed two program crashes .




    New in QQPlayer 3.9.934 (January 20th, 2016)
    • Visit the new recommendations section to check out what movies and TV series others are watching.
    • Fixes for .mpg format play failures.
    • Fixes for combining and capturing videos .


    New in QQPlayer 3.9.933 (January 10th, 2016)
    • Recommendations are added so that everyone can see what drama blockbusters people are watching!
    • Some bugs that caused crushes are fixed.


    New in QQPlayer 3.9.923 (August 8th, 2015)
    • Repair Cloud Player components and decoder download failed problem.
    • Repair fast continuous feed lead to problems stuck playback screen.


    New in QQPlayer 3.9.917 (July 7th, 2015)
    • Support sharing video files on the internet.
    • Playback errors on files larger than 4GB resolved.
    • Online subtitles auto-match logic Optimized.


    New in QQPlayer 3.8.897 (February 12th, 2015)
    • Compatibility issues in windows 8,8.1 Fixed.


    New in QQPlayer (February 10th, 2015)
    • Repair subtitle search and automatic matching function.
    • Optimize HD acceleration exception processing logic.
    • Optimize upgrading the software.