Decathlon Drops a Bombshell, Launches a Smartwatch in the Style of the Apple Watch Ultra for Less Than 40 Euros

Other Technology | February 2, 2024

Decathlon Drops a Bombshell, Launches a Smartwatch in the Style of the Apple Watch Ultra for Less Than 40 Euros

If one of our New Year’s resolutions has been to go to the gym more often, we might need a way to track our steps, calories burned, and even more advanced data such as heart rate or blood oxygen levels. The solution lies in buying an activity tracker or a smartwatch; the latter already has as many health functions as an activity tracker but in a more classic format that also serves as a fashion accessory.

While it’s true that there are very expensive smartwatches, it’s equally true that there are also very affordable ones. The latest model that has arrived at Decathlon is a good example, a wearable that has surprised us with its design and the number of health-related functions it offers.

Specifically, we’re talking about the Leotec Nui smartwatch on the Decathlon website for 39.99 euros. The sale is directly through Decathlon, so we have access to several advantages such as free in-store pickup; we can buy the watch on the website and then go to one of the company’s stores to pick it up directly. We also have the option of free home delivery, which, in this case, we can take advantage of because the product costs more than 30 euros. Finally, if we buy this device with other products, we can pay in installments with Klarna.

The Leotec Nui is a new low-cost smartwatch with a clear inspiration: the Apple Watch Ultra. The case design is very similar, with a square 2.01-inch screen and large buttons that give that ‘adventure’ feel of the original watch. The significant difference seems to be in the strap, which is typical for this type of device. The case has IP68 certification for water and dust protection, allowing it to be used underwater at low depths for a short period.

 Apple Watch Ultra

Despite its appearances, this is a more comprehensive watch than it seems, with many health-related functions such as 24-hour heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen measurement, sleep quality measurement, calories burned counter, and sedentary behavior monitor. It also has typical smartwatch functions and can connect to our mobile using Bluetooth 5.3 and the official app for Android and iOS. Thanks to this, it can sync data and display notifications from apps like WhatsApp on the screen.

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