Chrome will write website addresses for you: this will prevent you from accessing unwanted pages

Other Technology | May 24, 2023

Chrome will write website addresses for you: this will prevent you from accessing unwanted pages

Chrome is an invaluable browser that assists with many daily tasks, including planning your next trip. But now it takes a step forward by almost typing the next address for you to navigate to your favorite websites and avoid landing on any unwanted ones.

What Google Chrome is going to do now is to check if you make any errors while typing a URL and suggest websites as you type. This assistance comes as part of a major update for mobile accessibility and the desktop version.

According to The Verge, this new update for Chrome will first arrive on the PC version before making its way to mobile devices in the following months. The goal is to prevent users from navigating to websites that have almost identical names to others, which can lead to an unpleasant experience.

More Google app updates

In addition to this new feature in Chrome, Google has provided details about several updates to its ‘Live Caption’ feature, which transcribes what a person is saying in real-time.

The novelty lies in the ability to type a response during a phone call, have it read out loud, and be heard by the caller. This feature will initially be available on Google Pixel phones, and later on, it will be rolled out to older Pixel devices as well as other Android devices.

Google Maps The Coffee House

Furthermore, the folks at Mountain View are rolling out an optimization for subtitle design on Android tablets and adding support for Live Caption in multiple languages: French, Italian, and German. This support will be available on both Android devices and Pixel 4 and 5.

An important update, again related to accessibility, is the introduction of a wheelchair icon in Google Maps. This icon indicates that a place or establishment is accessible, allowing users to quickly identify accessible spaces within the app. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who face challenges in their daily lives and require easy mobility options.

Google Maps Live Caption

Finally, Google has also announced a closed beta for two features in its Lookout app, designed for individuals with visual impairments. One of the features will generate image descriptions, even if alt text is not included, and provide users with the ability to provide feedback and suggestions to delve into more details. This will enhance the accessibility and usability of images for users who rely on assistive technology for visual content.

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