This is the cheap smartwatch you’ve been looking for: we test the Watch Pro by CMF by Nothing

Other Technology | February 23, 2024

This is the cheap smartwatch you’ve been looking for: we test the Watch Pro by CMF by Nothing

Nothing has brought a fresh perspective to the technology sector. In a short time, they’ve achieved this through an innovative, functional, and sincere approach aimed at re-engaging millions of consumers worldwide with tech devices that truly deserve attention. That’s precisely the case with the Watch Pro by CMF, the sub-brand that’s already alongside excellent earbuds and could unveil more catalog this month.

Nothing’s ambition is to make technology fun and inspiring, all while relying on a style and design that transcend beyond the product itself. This was explained by Carl Pei, co-founder and CEO of Nothing, and it’s been reflected in devices like their Phone phones, their Ear earbuds. However, the company also aims for its roadmap to be accessible to all audiences, which is where the CMF by Nothing brand comes in.

Under this brand, their first smartwatch has arrived, the Watch Pro. It’s a very interesting proposal that combines functionality, design, and low price to achieve an almost unbeatable cocktail when recommending a smartwatch. We’ve been able to test it over the last few weeks to see if it’s worth it and what the keys to this wearable are, which is on sale for 69 euros.

Elegant and Minimalist Design

One of the elements that are often sacrificed in more affordable devices is design. In the peculiar calculations that manufacturers have to make for the numbers to work out, care in materials and appearance usually ends up at the bottom of the list. This is not the case with CMF by Nothing with the Watch Pro. We’re facing a smartwatch that looks more expensive than it is, feels comfortable and light in the hand, and is really pleasant to use daily and wear on the wrist.

It’s minimalist, stylish, and elegant. It might be a bit too big for a small wrist, but it’s more or less the same size as the Apple Watch Ultra—though not with the same screen. It features a 1.96-inch AMOLED panel, slightly curved at the edges, which adds that premium touch that you don’t expect from a watch that costs less than 70 euros.

Watch Pro by CMF - 01

The screen looks good, it’s quick to interact with, and although it’s not the brightest on the market (600 nits), it’s enough to have a more than satisfactory experience. The straps are interchangeable; the model we tested is made of silicone, 22 mm wide, and both this material and the aluminum of the case make it extremely lightweight so you forget you’re wearing it.

This lightness doesn’t sacrifice its durability, as we have a device that feels robust and resistant, and it’s also IP68 water-resistant. This means it’s splash and sweat resistant, thus taking the experience to the maximum during sports activities worry-free.

Watch Pro by CMF - 02

Another detail appreciated in this particular care for design by Nothing are the watch faces. The company is able to bring its imprint to the software section as well with customized faces that stand out from everything seen in the sector, making it clear that it’s a watch with its own identity.

Sports and Health

Like the vast majority of smartwatches, the Watch Pro focuses on one of the most sought-after functionalities of these types of devices: tracking sports activity, as well as daily health monitoring.

Watch Pro by CMF - 03

For this, it has 110 sports modes, ranging from walking, yoga, to weightlifting. In them, users can check their statistics, times, and even location, as it has built-in GPS that allows tracking the route taken in outdoor workouts and analyzing it once the exercise is completed.

Furthermore, it features all-day heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, stress monitoring, sleep tracking, daily movement tracking, as well as other functionalities that promote a healthy lifestyle such as water reminder or breathing exercises. Key points that allow for better control of our daily lives.

Watch Pro by CMF - 04

These activity data can then be easily analyzed through the mobile app—both Android and iOS—allowing for better control of daily activity and understanding how we really feel. It’s a very easy and convenient way to manage our health.

Truly Functional

Beyond health monitoring, the true differential point of the Watch Pro compared to other models in the competition in this price range is that the daily user experience makes it a truly functional watch. It has the ability to replace much more expensive models.

Watch Pro by CMF - 05

With it, you can make phone calls (connected through your phone), make requests to the mobile assistant, check notifications, see the weather for the next few days, find your phone if you don’t know where it is, control the camera as if it were a trigger, set alarms and timers, or control music.

A series of virtues that are well resolved and that invite the Watch Pro to become a highly recommended watch that you won’t want to take off your wrist. All this, in addition, with a battery of great autonomy that goes beyond two weeks of use, making it ideal for traveling without a charger.

Should I Buy It?

The Watch Pro by CMF by Nothing is one of the purchases of the year. A demonstration that it’s possible to conceive a smartwatch with good performance, its own style, iconic design, and an adjusted price. A square of the circle that is unthinkable in most cases, but that the company has achieved here.

As an absence to note, it’s unable to make payments with NFC, which would be the icing on the cake for the device. Although this concession is understandable for the 69 euros it costs. It’s an extraordinary device and almost unbeatable in that quality-price ratio that Nothing can boast of.

Watch Pro by CMF - 06

In summary, the Watch Pro is a fantastic watch, highly recommended both for those looking for a moderately advanced smartwatch to monitor their health and sports activity daily, spending just enough and regardless of what phone they have. As well as for those who want to enter this world for the first time. They will be more than satisfied with the purchase.

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