This Android Console is a Beast Capable of Running PlayStation 2 Games

Gaming | February 5, 2024

This Android Console is a Beast Capable of Running PlayStation 2 Games

The portable console market has exploded in the last year, and Android is a significant player in this trend. Many models are based on this system, offering compatibility not only with Android games but also with all kinds of applications and emulators. However, most Android-based consoles tend to be underpowered, which is not the case for the new model presented this week by Anbernic.

Anbernic is already a familiar name when it comes to affordable consoles, although its devices usually draw inspiration from Nintendo’s Game Boy. However, in recent months, the company has expanded its offerings, first releasing a model based on Sega consoles and now one that resembles Sony’s PSP or a miniature Steam Deck.

The new Anbernic RG566 has immediately caught attention for two reasons: its design and its hardware. Regarding the former, it is based on the general design of the Steam Deck, although with notable differences in ergonomics and size, as it features a 5.5-inch screen, making it more easily portable. The transparent blue color of the casing is striking and reminiscent of an era when consoles made of transparent plastic were common; this is not a coincidence.

Inspired by the PS2

Inside this RG566 is a Unisoc T820 processor, accompanied by 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM; with eight cores and a Mali-G57 GPU, this combination is sufficient to run modern games. The company has demonstrated this in a video showing how the RG566 can run native Android titles like Genshin Impact, as well as emulated games like God of War for PlayStation 2. The console seems to have no issues running relatively advanced 3D games, although in some extreme cases, there are some slowdowns. However, PlayStation 2 games seem to run quite well.

The video is also an excellent opportunity to see the 5.5-inch OLED screen, which will offer high contrast, especially noticeable in games with dark areas; it is rumored to have a 1080p resolution, although this has not been confirmed by the company.

Other important details that have not been made public yet are the price and availability since the console has not been released to the market; however, the existence of promotional videos indicates that the launch shouldn’t be too far off.

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