All the details of Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, Apple’s new smartwatches

Other Technology | October 4, 2023

All the details of Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, Apple’s new smartwatches

Although all eyes were on the official presentation of the iPhone 15, Apple decided to kick off its event by focusing on the Apple Watch. The American company’s smartwatch, as confirmed during the event, will introduce the highly anticipated Series 9 with several innovations that will delight users. Among these is the most popular of all: the functions available with a snap of the fingers.

As revealed during Apple’s presentation, the star function of Series 9 is Double Tap. So, since it’s possible that our other hand may be busy, this feature allows users to tap their thumb and index finger twice on the hand wearing the watch to, for example, answer calls, pause music, navigate the menu, and other functions showcased during the event. However, although it was the most eye-catching update, it wasn’t the only major addition that both the company and users highlighted.

Details of the Apple Watch Series 9

In addition to Double Tap, another major addition to Apple’s smartwatch is the integration with Siri. Thanks to the new S9 chip, the company revealed that the functions of the virtual assistant will enjoy features not seen before. Thus, the capabilities of the chip will allow users to take full advantage of the Siri + Health alliance, a function that, for example, will allow them to find out how much they’ve slept, when they took their pills, and other relevant aspects. For now, it will only be available in English and Mandarin, but it has already been announced that more languages will debut in the coming months.

Regarding colors, the Apple Watch Series 9 lineup will debut with five different colors: pink, gold, silver, black, and red. It will also feature functions like traffic accident detection (to contact emergency services) and a 30% increase in speed thanks to the advancements introduced by the S9 chip compared to the S8. In fact, this chip will enable several crucial aspects:

Price and release date of the Apple Watch Series 9

Just like the iPhone 15, all models of the Apple Watch Series 9 will be available for sale on September 22nd. As for the prices, the cost for each device is as follows:

Details of the Apple Watch Ultra 2

Alongside the Apple Watch Series 9, the existence and subsequent release of the Apple Watch Series Ultra 2, the most powerful smartwatch in the company’s history, were also revealed. Unlike the interior, it will feature the S9 SiP chip, an option that allows it to take advantage of several benefits:

Apple Watch Ultra 2

Price and release date of the Apple Watch Ultra 2

Since there is only one version, which includes LTE, there are no different models or price differences. Its launch, like the devices in the Series 9 line, is scheduled for September 22nd. However, unlike these, it will have a price of 899 euros, 400 euros more than the most basic model of the Apple Watch Series 9.

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