Download QQ Player For Windows & Android

Download latest version of QQPlayer for english & french and arabic language and for android

last updated on February 12th, 2015.

Language Windows Android
English Download V3.8.897 | Size:26MB Download V2.2.0.72 | Size:9MB
French Download V3.8.897 | Size:26MB Download V2.2.0.72 | Size:9MB
Arabic Download V3.8.897 | Size:26MB Download V2.2.0.72 | Size:9MB
Russian Download V3.8.897 | Size:26MB

What’s new in QQPlayer 3.8.897 (February 12th, 2015):-

  • Compatibility issues in windows 8,8.1 Fixed.

What’s new in QQPlayer (February 10th, 2015):-

  • Repair subtitle search and automatic matching function.
  • Optimize HD acceleration exception processing logic.
  • Optimize upgrading the software.


QQPlayer instillation step by step

What is QQ Player ?

QQ Media Player software is a free application that helps you play videos, movies and music. You can play all video and audio formats without the need for external codex packages. You can also play flash SWF format files. This allows you to play flash games directly on your computer. QQ Player is developed by Chinese Tencent for software. The QQ Player is designed using the latest technologies to be able to play all known media formats.



QQ Player helps you snapshot video as digital images; which you can save on your computer. There are three types of snapshotting or capturing video shots; first is taking a natural size photo of the video by playing the video and pressing the camera icon (shot) – then a widow opens in front of you containing all the settings used for saving images; you can modify image saving path and define image extension (PNG, JPG and BMP).

Splitting and cutting video

The QQ Player application allows you to cut shots of video and audio files by providing an advanced tool for splitting video. You can cut a shot of a video and save it on your computer with the original video format or save it as a different format.

Converting video and audio

The QQ Player helps you convert videos, movies and music into many formats. It provides you with a tool to convert video while working independently and has a simple and easy user interface; you can run the video converter tool without the need to keep the QQ Player running. The QQ player has a high speed in converting videos while providing you many options.

Compressing video

There are some videos and movies of a large size that need to be compressed to decrease their size in order to save some space on your hard disk. There are also a lot of users wanting to compress movies to play them on mobile phones. QQ Player helps you compress video files and keep their quality. It provides an effective tool for compressing videos.

Merging videos

QQ Player helps you merge videos in a high speed. You can merge a large number of videos in simple steps. Our program provides a lot of options for you to merge videos; such as merging different format videos and saving the video again in many formats.

Transferring video files to I pad & I phone

If you have an IPad or IPhone and you want to transfer videos and movies in an easy and fast way, you can use QQ Player to transfer videos, movies and subtitles onto your IPad & IPhone device by using WIFI technology without the need to connect your IPad and IPhone to your computer using cables.

Playing 3D movies

The QQ Player program helps you to play 3D movies and convert the normal 2D movies to 3D movies in one click. 3D movies are a new technology that began to prevail with the spread of television screens and computers supporting the operation of this stunning technology.

Installing Subtitles to Movies

QQ player allows you to install and run subtitle files on to movies. It supports all subtitle file extensions; which are ASS, SRT and SSA. The process of installing a subtitle file is done in a very easy way by naming the subtitle file after the movie file name. After playing the movie, the player will automatically open the subtitles file and install it to the movie.